Drugs are bad, mkay. We know this. But apparently someone at the Osaka Pharmaceutical Association felt that the message would be better delivered by two shirtless men made up to look like (we think) Jesus Christ and Buddha…

Shared via Twitter this week, this marijuana awareness poster sends a clear message to the people of the greater Osaka area: Dame! Zettai! or, in the equivalent English, Bad! Categorically!

▼ “The Anger of the Gods: Drugs are bad”


This is, in fact, Monster Engine, a comedy duo from Osaka who have been entertaining audiences with their surreal brand of humour since back in 2001. One of their most popular skits, and the inspiration for this poster, is “Kamigami no Asobi“, or “play of the gods”, which you can watch and be confused by right here:

It’s certainly an eye-catching poster, we’ll give them that, but perhaps a comedy duo isn’t the best way to convey a serious message about of the dangers of drug use?

Source: Twitter via Jin