On and around 19 January, trucks will be hitting the streets to raise awareness of the health benefits of enemas. You’ll be able to recognize them by the cute female drivers who appear to be constantly pooping…

The date of 19 January was chosen as the numbers 1-19 can be read in Japanese as ichi-jyu-ku which just happens to be awfully close to the name of leading enema manufacturer Ichijiku Pharmaceutical. Although that comes across as rather self-serving, “ichijiku” also means “fig” in English, which is a good source of fiber and valuable ally in the struggle against constipation.

The truck is decorated with a huge ad for Ichijiku brand enemas, showing a woman in a kimono presenting a gift box full of enemas to what must be a heavily confused or heavily cramped acquaintance. The caption reads “Shinnen ni ‘tsumaranai’ mono desu ga…” which means “This is a boring gift for New Year’s but…” which is a typical Japanese way of giving a present on such an occasion.

Not wanting to miss out on another opportunity to pun, Ichijiku chose the word “tsumaranai” here since it can be read not just as “boring” but as “not blocked up.” Interestingly, the pun kind of works in English too as this enema is a gift that “bores” its way into your lower bowel and through any obstructing fecal matter. Neat!

There is also a stamp mark that normally would read “Happy New Year!” but the last kanji character is covered up with one which represents “feces” thus: “Happy New Poop!”

If that weren’t enough, the side doors of the trucks are also printed with an image of someone sitting atop a toilet. It’s done in such a way that the person wearing a matching shirt and sitting in the driver or passenger seat appears to be pooping on a golden throne while holding an Ichijiku enema.

Riding shotgun in these trucks are a representative member of local universities’ student body chosen for their beauty and dubbed “Miss Campus Lab.” Actually, students from Tokyo and Osaka universities were also heavily involved in this campaign in areas such as design an pun creation. the undertaking was done with the comprehensive goal of raising awareness of enemas among young women.

Why young women, however, is anyone’s guess. As we all know constipation is a relentless affliction that doesn’t care about gender or race. So spread the word and ask all whom you know if they’ve pooped today, and if not, maybe you ought to recommend an enema.

If we all work together, we can turn Enema Day from grassroots activism into a true worldwide bowel movement.

Source: Facebook/Ichikjiku Pharmaceutical via Narinari.com (Japanese)
Top Image: Facebook/Ichijiku Pharmaceutical
Video: YouTube/adtruck48