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Generally, customizing cars is a guy thing, and most guys are into power. When it comes to aftermarket wheels, the two biggest camps are those who want performance-boosting lightweight versions, or the largest, most blinged-out set available to advertise the driver’s financial status.

Now, though, there’s a third option beyond looking sporty or wealthy: cute wheels.

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Going on sale next month are these Rilakkuma wheels, featuring the adorably lazy character of the same name.

▼ Rilakkuma can’t be bothered to sit up or use a fork when he has his snacks.

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These three-spokes come in either 14 or 15-inch sizes. While that may seem puny to the tuner crowd, they should fill the wheel gap nicely on the super-compact kei (light) cars the wheels are recommended for.

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Each wheel actually features four likenesses of the laid-back bear, as Rilakkuma also stares back at you from the vale cap.

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Drivers who are powered by cuteness have their choice of two colors, silver or pearl white.

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The 14-inch wheels retail for 15,000 yen (US$145) each, pre-tax, while each of the larger 15-inchers will set you back 17,000 yen. While the target market is likely to be young female professionals and housewives, we can’t help but think the Rilakkuma wheels would make a great choice for building an unassuming, wolf-in-sheep’s clothing sleeper performance car.

Just don’t let yourself get so influenced by the little guy you doze off behind the wheel.

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Sources: IT Media, MLJ
Images: MLJ