Barely a week after branding her a “blabbering peasant woman,” North Korea has labelled South Korean leader Park Geun-hye a “repulsive wench” via its state-run media. Not only that, but the same quoted source also alluded to the fact that the president has no children of her own, and said that she “makes a mockery of sacred motherhood.”

The comments, which were shared by state-run KCNA last Friday, were allegedly made by one Kim Un Kyong, whom the North Korean news agency cites as a “private citizen”. Said to be in response to Park Geun-hye’s recent offer to help North Korea’s underfed and poorly educated children, the individual described her as a “repulsive wench” before suggesting that the South Korean leader had failed as a woman due to her lack of offspring.

“A repulsive wench such as Park Geun-hye is an incoherent existence who has long given up trying to be a woman of Korea and who makes a mockery of sacred motherhood, mad with the pursuit of national confrontation,” read the statement issued last week.

▼ Park Geun-hye was elected by the South Korean people just over a year ago

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Statements allegedly made by private citizens, Business Insider reports, are common in North Korean media. Quoting those who are not of rank or are allegedly from outside the country, the media puts forth statements that either demonise the country’s enemies or make grand claims about its own leaders.

Although tensions between the two Koreas have been high for some time, many of the statements made about Ms. Park by the North have been especially personal and scathing, and this latest remark is nothing short of vicious. The two countries may never see eye to eye, but one would hope that even the fiercest of enemies could abstain from petty name-calling and slander.

Source: Business Insider
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