You know peace has arrived when the Supreme Leader now hungers for burgers instead of the nuclear launch button.

After frightening Japanese residents with nasty ballistic missile launches, a new age seems to have dawned for North Korea as it finally pulls the plug on its controversial nuclear weapons program.

Repairing strained relations with its neighbor has begun in earnest, with Kim Jong-un and South Korean president Moon Jae-in working together at the recent 2018 inter-Korean summit to establish lasting peace between South Korea and North Korea. After the conference, North Korean officials surprised everyone with the following statement:

“The country welcomes investments from America. We wish to attract McDonald’s and President Trump-affiliated companies. We hope America views us as a normal country.”

▼ He sure did a quick 180 on us all.

Despite it being fantastic news that the rogue state now favors diplomatic negotiations, no one really knows why its leader specifically made a not-so-subtle hint to court the fast food giant.

Nevertheless, you can bet McDonald’s won’t let this opportunity slip by to introduce its iconic golden arches to North Korean citizens. Setting up restaurants in a poverty-stricken, tightly-controlled country like North Korea is no walk in the park, however, and only time will tell if its people can one day blissfully enjoy a Big Mac while sipping a McShake.

▼ Ready for some North Korean limited-edition
Nuclear Burger and Missile Fries, anyone?

Japanese netizens breathed a sigh of relief that Kim Jong-un now craves beef patties instead of bloodshed:

“He couldn’t forget the taste of McDonald’s during his time abroad, eh?”
“None of his citizens seem like they can afford it.”
“We’ll give him Mos Burger if he apologizes.”
“He just wants to eat some himself.”
“It won’t be long before Kim Jong-un starts social media.”

It’s going to be some time before McDonald’s makes landfall in North Korea, and though the king of fast foods still has to contend with the country’s surprisingly excellent local burger joints, we’re pretty sure they’re going to do just fine.

Source: Record China via Kinisoku
Top image: Pakutaso
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