In 2012, Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus Company, which operates bus service to the mountain town Hakone, ran a Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed bus. Hakone corresponds to the anime series’ Tokyo-3, a new version of Tokyo built there after an apocalypse demolished its predecessor. The bus service’s popularity has led to an Evangelion bus revival.

eva eva2 eva3

The second Evangelion bus is very similar to the first one. While the first bus featured Kaworu, Asuka, Shinji, Rei and Mari in their Eva pilot outfits, this one depicts them in yukata—fitting, as Hakone is also a hot springs town. The interior features Evangelion art on the ticket machine, luggage compartments, and window frames. Miki Nagasawa, voice actress of Maya, returns to announce bus stops and describe locations featured in the anime. Service begins on April 28 along the Hakone Line (which runs from Shinjuku to Hakone’s Hotel de Yama) and the Haneda Line (which runs from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Tōgendai and Hotel Hatsuhana in Hakone).


“Welcome to Tokyo-3″Hakone has also set up Evangelion charging stations, an Evangelion classroom, an iPhone app, a tourist map, and an Evangelion merchandise store in the train station.

[Via Minna-no Eva Fan]

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