Eva Unit-01 head, stabbed Angel core await fans 450 meters above the streets of Tokyo.

As literally the biggest landmark in the city, the Tokyo Skytree likes to dress up for special occasions, and its latest seasonal makeover will be coming later this month. However, instead of getting into the Christmas spirit, the 634-meter (2,080-foot) spire will be decorated in celebration of Evangelion.

December 23 is the start of the Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project, which will include salutes to the anime franchise both inside the tower and out. For those making their way up to the Tembo Galleria observation deck 450 meters above the city, you’ll find a slew of awesome phot spots, such as a gigantic Eva Unit-01 head, hallways lined with famous phrases from the series (rendered in the instatntly recognizable Evangelion font), and even an Angel core being stabbed by a Progressive Knife.

Further Eva flourishes can be found on window panes bearing warning messages from the anime’s shadowy Nerv organization, monitors that will periodically play a specially put-together music video for the “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” opening theme, entry plug cockpit theming on the elevator that carries you to the observation deck, and a life-size sculpture of Eva pilot Rei Ayanami to pose with for pictures.

Speaking of Rei, the Skytree’s mascot character, Sorakara-chan, will also be trying her hand at some Rei plugsuit cosplay during the event.

For those gazing at the Skytree from afar, on select nights the exterior lighting will be changed to the colors of the anime’s star mecha: Evangelion Units-01, 00, 02, Mark 06, and 08.

And, of course, there will also be exclusive merchandise, plus special Evangelion-themed food and drink offered in the Skytree Cafe.

The Evangelion Tokyo Skytree Project runs from December 23 to March 31, giving fans plenty of time to check it out either before or after they watch the final Rebuild of Evangelion movie (assuming it can make its scheduled release date this time).

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Top image: Tokyo Skytree
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