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As waste gasses from fossil fuels continue to choke our planet and money-grubbing businessmen propose plans to frack (and that’s not some coy euphemism) the very ground we walk on to get at even more of the stuff, more and more people are doing their bit to be kind to the environment. Solar panels can be seen up on the roofs of residential buildings, people separate their waste so that as much of it can be recycled as possible, and more consumers than ever are choosing electric or hybrid vehicles.

And now, Japanese motorists have another reason to go green: Evangelion-themed electric car charging stations!

In a move to promote its line of “Elseev” charging poles, Panasonic has teamed up with ever-popular anime smash Evangelion to produce these specially themed charging stations for cars that run on lovely clean fizzbang rather than the liquid remains of once-living organisms.

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The pump-like stations are being installed in the town of Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is a popular getaway for Tokyoites due to its close proximity to the capital and picturesque landscape. And of course, as fans of the anime will know, in the world of Evangelion, Hakone actually features as “Tokyo-3”–what better place to install a series of futuristic green juice boxes to run eco cars on!?

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Although there are currently only two designs in operation (models 01 and 02 in the above image), stations featuring whole Eva gang, from Rei to Kaworu, are also due to be rolled out soon, though we’re not sure when they’ll arrive or whether they’ll be a permanent feature. We certainly hope they’re here to stay, though, as charging up is a lot more fun when you’re pretending to refuel your own mini mecha!

Source: IT Media
Images: Panasonic