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Culturally cool tenugui let you show your love of Eva Units, kaiji, and your favorite Japanese prefecture all at once.

Godzilla vs. Evangelion is the perfect example of something so crazy that it works. Sure, it started out as an April Fool’s Day gag stemming from the fact that Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno is directing the upcoming Shin Godzilla movie, but after the chuckling died down, people realized that a cross-over between the King of the Monsters and the king of psychological self-examination sci-fi anime would, if fact, be pretty awesome.

Earlier this month, 7-Eleven convenience stores in Japan started taking orders for Mechagodzilla figures painted in the colors of Evangelion’s Eva Unit-01. Now, the official Evangelion Store is offering something a little more practical and elegant, in the form of regional Godzilla vs. Evangelion tenugui.

While tenugui is often translated as “hand towel,” the long strips of cloth are made of smooth cotton fabric, not terrycloth. So while you can use them to dry your hands, they also make great handkerchiefs, parcel wrappings, or wall hangings. Ordinarily, they feature classical Japanese patterns or nature motifs, but just as visually appealing are these nine designs featuring kaiji, Eva, and Angels standing alongside some of Japan’s most famous landmarks.

▼ From left to right: Tokyo (with Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge), Kanagawa (the Great Buddha of Kamakura and Lake Hakone, near which Evangelion is set), and Shizuoka (Mt. Fuji)

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Nagoya (Nagoya Castle and the city’s famous chicken wings), Osaka (Osaka Castle and takoyaki octopus dumplings), and Nara (the Great Buddha of Nara and Nara Park’s deer)

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Kobe (Kobe Port Tower), Hiroshima (Miyajima tori gate and the prefecture’s delicious oysters), and Fukuoka (Fukuoka Dome and regional delicacy mentaiko spicy cod roe)

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All nine tenugui measure 34.8 centimeters (13.7 inches) wide by 90 centimeters long, are made of 100-percent cotton, and are priced at 1,296 yen (US$12). Orders can be placed here through the online Evangelion Store.

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Source: Evangelion Store via Minna no Eva Fan via Anime News Network
Top image: Evangelion Store
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