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We’ve already gone over a few signs that you might not be in a real Japanese restaurant, including the location’s name. We can’t say with certainty, but we’re pretty sure there aren’t any “Happy Sushi” restaurants in all of Japan. So why are there so many abroad? Japanese website Naver Matome wondered the very same thing and compiled a list of the most elated raw fish from all around the world. It just makes us wonder, why does the world associate sushi with being happy?

Here’s a Happy Sushi in Bulgaria:

happy sushiImage: Salami

Some Japanese netizens were wondering why they chose to write “Happy Sushi” in Japanese (幸せ寿司), but didn’t use a Japanese period, which looks like this: 。not this: .

▼Now that you mention it, why do they need a period in the first place?

happy sushi2Image: Salami

This next Happy Sushi is from Canada and comes with the added benefit of being not only fresh, but healthy too. The little happy face nestled between two chopsticks add an extra dash of happy.

happy sushi3Image: Yelp

Here’s winky Happy Sushi, also in Canada. Some Japanese netizens think this looks more like a curry house than a sushi restaurant.

happy sushi4Image: Callum Eats Toronto

Here’s one in Norway. It actually looks quite fancy…

Happy Sushi5Image: Yelp

This is the second Bulgarian Happy Sushi on our list, but this one is extra special. Apparently, waitresses are dressed in mini-skirt-length cheongsam, those body-hugging one-piece Chinese dresses, and the menu includes nigiri sushi, tempura, sushi sandwiches, and desserts shaped like sushi.

happy sushi6Image: Tsuredure Houkokusho

▼ One of the walls even has a sign with the first line of Japan’s version of “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.”

happy sushi7Image: Tsuredure Houkokusho

▼ The”nigiri mix”

happy sushi9Image: Tsuredure Houkokusho

▼ This appears to be the dessert sushi.

happy sushi10Image: Tsuredure Houkokusho

Michigan’s Happy Sushi has a four out of five star rating on Trip Advisor. Not bad as far as ratings go, but one of the commenters describes the food as “smokey, but good.” We’re not so sure about this place anymore…

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 12.19.33 PMImage: TripAdvisor

And finally we come to the last stop on our Happy Sushi tour around the world. This last one isn’t actually a restaurant, it’s a food truck serving up cheerful sushi to customers in San Francisco, California.

happy sushi 12Image: Bay Area

▼ Local flair with a Golden Gate Bridge ‘H’

happy sushi 13Image: Bay Area

We’re still not quite sure why so many sushi joints around the world associate Japan’s quintessential dish with happiness, but whatever makes them happy, right?

Source: Naver Matome