Japan’s signature cuisine meets its favorite Christmastime import.

Though the word “sushi” almost immediately conjures up images of raw fish, technically you can make sushi without any uncooked or marine elements. That’s because sushi technically means vinegared rice (which is why slices of raw fish without rice are called sashimi instead).

That said, the vast majority of sushi is topped with raw fish, and thee are only a handful of non-fish sushi you’ll find in a traditional restaurant, such as sushi with cucumber or egg. However, revolving sushi chain Kappa Sushi (also known as Kappazushi) is always looking to innovate, and so its newest sushi is not only fishless, but fried too.

This week marked the arrival of the Fried Chicken Nigiri to Kappa Sushi’s menu, which puts a breaded and sliced chicken fillet, seasoned with black pepper and a squirt of mayo, onto two blocks of sushi rice.

Now, ordinarily “Why would you want to eat fried chicken?” is kind of a silly question, since the obvious answer is “Because fried chicken is awesome. Now stop talking to me since I need to use my mouth to eat fried chicken.” There is, however, a second reason for the Fried Chicken Nigiri’s existence, and that’s that fried chicken is Japan’s favorite food to eat at Christmas. As a result, Kappa Sushi’s fried chicken sushi is a seasonal menu item, though it’ll be sticking around for a little while even after the yuletide atmosphere fades, being available until January 11.

▼ And if you don’t like sushi (i.e. the rice) in any combination, you can also just but the chicken straight-up, with your choice of black pepper or togarashi spicy pepper versions.

The idea of eating fried chicken at a sushi restaurant might seem a little strange at first, but revolving sushi restaurants often have a variety of side dishes on the menu, with karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken) being fairly standard. Some even do great French fries, so we’re happy to give our taste buds a unique Christmas gift at our next visit to Kappa Sushi.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: PR Times
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