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There’s more than just the adorable cat dressed as a sushi chef that makes this kit unique.

Revolving sushi restaurants, called kaitenzushi in Japanese, are one of Japan’s favorite choices for a quick, affordable meal out. But cooking toy manufacturer Mega House is about to bring a different kind of revolving sushi to your home.

Among Mega House’s previous offerings are the home ramen maker and virtual girlfriend Christmas Eve dessert set. But if you’re craving seafood and would prefer to limit your dating to real people, the company will also be happy to provide you with the Daikaiten! Sushi Maru sushi maker.

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This obviously isn’t the world’s first home sushi-making kit, as you can find dozens of products that fit that description being sold by other companies. What sets Mega House’s apart, though, is its extra doses of cuteness and dynamism.

The kit includes six sushi-making capsules. To make a nigiri piece, first place the topping inside the lid, then use the included spoon to drop in a perfectly sized and shaped scoop of rice.

▼ Can’t go wrong with maguro (tuna)

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At this point, you’d ordinarily have to press the rice and topping together with your fingertips, which is actually easier said than done. Use too much force, and you’ll squash or scatter the rice, making the texture uneven or chewy. Press too lightly, and the topping will slide right off, leaving you with strips of sashimi-like raw fish and little nuggets of rice on the side.

But instead, Daikaiten! Sushi Maru has you attach a plate to the bottom of the lid, giving you an enclosed sushi capsule.

▼ Right here, it looks like the world’s most delicious Poké Ball.

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Place the capsule into one of the six slots on the serving tray, press down on the cat sushi chef figure in the center, and…

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…the capsule goes spinning around wildly on its center axis, pressing the rice and topping together for you!

▼ The finished products end up a little rounder (and cuter) than sushi with orthodox proportions.

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Daikaiten! Sushi Maru is also up to the task of making gunkan sushi, the style characterized by its seaweed wrapping. Just set a loop of seaweed into the rice spoon, add the rice…

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…then press down with the included stamp to make room for whatever topping you’re in the mood for.

▼ Saying “Gyu,” (ギュッ), the Japanese onomatopoeia for “squeeze,” is optional.

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Daikaiten! Sushi Maru is scheduled to go on sale in late March for a price of 3,980 yen (US$33). The set comes with six capsules, two spoons, and two gunkan presses, so two people can craft sushi simultaneously, although you’ll have to take turns using/playing with the single cat figure.

Source: IT Media
Image: Mega House (edited by RocketNews24)