Make Instagram-worthy sushi from the comfort of your home with this simple tool!

It’s said that a genuine sushi chef spends three years practicing rice and eight years perfecting the art of nigiri sushi, but SoraNews24 has found a tool that lets you become a sushi chef instantly. The Tobidase! Sushi Maker is a tool used to perfectly shape the rice bottom of sushi with just one push. It’s essentially pop-up sushi, which explains the name “tobidase” or “stand/fly out”.

It consists of two parts: the mold and the pushing device. As you can see, it makes ten delicious morsels, and the reusable tool only costs 1,579 yen (US$14.61).

▼ Two steps is simple enough, right?

First, fill the rice molds with sushi rice. You can use the second tool to push them down a bit more as well.

Next, you add your selection of sushi toppings to your nigiri sushi.

Finally, push the top tool down to make the sushi pop out!

Almost like magic, you now have ten professional-looking pieces of gorgeous sushi. Who needs to spend years and years perfecting an art that only takes seconds to duplicate like this? No offense, Sukibayashi Jiro.

Since the sushi rice molds are embossed, the rice grains won’t stick to the sides of the tool. That means you’re almost guaranteed to have a great-looking result for whatever sushi your heart desires.

There you have it: probably one of the easiest tools you can buy to make authentic-looking Japanese food without breaking the bank. Pair it with the two-in-one curry rice cooker and you can start yourself a restaurant!

Photos ©SoraNews24
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