What is “sexy”? It’s a question that no one person can definitively answer. But in much the same way that we know “art” when we see it, we also know “sexy” when it comes our way! Even if it’s from an unexpected place.

A recent survey asked of 150 Japanese men if they had ever felt attracted to another guy. Roughly 25 percent said yes, and even offered up their reasons for these rare moments of boy-love, which were so adorable that we just had to share.

The survey began with the question “Have you ever felt attracted to another guy?” A simple question, to be sure, but probably one that not everyone would feel comfortable talking about, sadly enough.

Of the 150 Japanese men who responded, 37 of them answered positively. Although this is such a small sample group that it’s hard to draw any conclusions about Japanese men in general, in case you’re wondering what might help you bag a Japanese guy, here are a few things that might work.

・”When he was playing with his hair like it was nothing.”

There’s just something undeniably sexy about that bed-head look, and a guy playing with his hair while he stares into the distance is just as sexy as when a girl does it – all the better if it results in that “messy’ look. It worked for one of our biggest man crushes–Hugh Laurie as the cranky Dr. House–and it definitely worked for all those sexy warriors in the Seven Samurai. It might not always be the biggest hit with your boss though…

▼Unless your boss looks like this…


・”When I was walking quickly, and he pulled my arm from behind.”

While we found this a bit odd–who the heck likes slow walkers?–but it started to make sense after we thought about it. There’s something undeniably cute about the image this paints. We can’t help thinking of the slower guy rushing to catch up. It’s very moe, isn’t it? And it would work perfectly in an episode of Sherlock!

・”When I saw a guy’s upper arms when he was hanging onto a strap onboard a train.”

Have you ever thought about how cool–or uncool–you look while riding the train? Well, neither have we, but apparently we need to put some more thought into this! Hanging from those straps while standing on the train, it seems, is the perfect opportunity to show off your muscles, and might well help you get noticed. Just don’t give in to the urge to ‘casually’ do some pull-ups during your ride home as a way of showing off your strength — we’ve all seen that guy, and we call all agree that he’s a douche.

・”When I saw him dismounting his bicycle in a cool way.”

As awesome as bicycles are, there’s very little that’s sexy about them, at least as far as we can see. Sure they’re great for the environment and are amazing for exercise–but no one really looks ‘sexy’ riding them! However, with a little practice, you can make getting off a bike hot…apparently. Well, we’ll reserve judgement until we can see a demonstration ourselves. This sounds like a job for Mr. Sato!

・”When he held a puff of cigarette smoke in his mouth and furrowed his brow.”

This response was given by a 24-year-old, surprisingly enough. While smoking seems to be decreasing in Japan, it appears that it still “looks cool” — something Don Draper could no doubt attest to. This also goes to show that it’s not just women who like bad boys!

▼Our resident bad-boy and heart-throb. Yowza!


・”When I spotted another guy wearing the same cap I was wearing.”

This one was a bit puzzling at first–after all, women seem to hate seeing someone else wearing the same clothes as them when they’re out and about. And we can’t blame them–it can certainly be deflating when you’ve spent time working on your outfit only to see someone else effortlessly rocking the exact same look! But there’s something different about caps–especially if it has a sports team logo. It lets you know the other guy is on the same wavelength and gives you an instant connection. And what’s sexier than an instant connection?

Oddly, “wearing tights and sexy Playboy shorts” somehow never made the list. We’re guessing these guys need to read more RocketNews24!

Well, this is obviously going to be very subjective–there’s no one thing that all guys or all girls will find attractive. So if you’re going to use these responses as tips, think of them more as guidelines than rules. But if you do find one that works for you, let us know!

Source: Yahoo! News Trend News
All images: RocketNews24