Why should girls be the only ones allowed to stay toasty warm in winter?

Fed up with getting the chills and knowing that winter was only just beginning, RocketNews24‘s resident adventurer and male model Mr. Sato was feeling rather down in the dumps this week. But when news arrived that nearby Ikebukuro Tobu department store had begun selling a new range of stockings and ultra-warm underwear just for men, his face lit up with the warmth of a thousand suns and he was out the door in mere seconds.

Barely an hour later, he arrived back at RocketNews Towers ready to try his latest purchases on for us.

As you can see from the photo above, it was quite the show.

Make no mistake about it, Japan gets cold in winter! And even though we’re never as snow-bound as Steven down in Nagano (my toilet water freezes, even though the seat is heated. -Steve), Tokyo gets pretty chilly. It doesn’t help that many buildings in Japan are, with earthquakes in mind, built from thin, lightweight materials and often have very little in the way of insulation. As I frequently find myself telling people when they ask me whether my native UK is as cold as Japan in winter, “Well, yes, it is, but at least we have &#%*ing central heating…”

For years, women’s clothing stores have offered an array of leggings, stockings, fleecy underwear… things… that come up over their stomachs to keep them snug. We men, on the other hand, have had to make do with wearing an extra t-shirt or two underneath our sweaters and spending all day going around and around on the heated Yamanote line train. (Oh, is that just me?)

But no longer!

With trailblazers like Mr. Sato in our midst, all that is about to change. No longer will we men shiver while our female friends’, girlfriends’ and wives’ faces flush pink with warmth!

Show us what you’ve got, Mr Sato!

1. Men’s “Panty Stocking”

2. V-neck Emporio Armani close-fitting undershirt

3. Red “Warmer Pants” by Playboy. Now it’s a party!

Check out that lunchbox, ladies! Does this get-up just scream “sexy”!?

But how did our man rate the new gear? We men aren’t used to such close-fitting undergarments. Could Mr. Sato really see us wearing the ultra-warm threads?

He broke it down into three simple points, and was happy to say that the outfit ticked all the boxes!

– Overall sensation: “NICE!”

– Overall feeling of warmth: “GOOD!”

– Junk support: “Good ‘n’ strong!”

See that, guys? In the right combination, even men can rock toasty underwear. Heck, we think our Mr. Sato could even turn a few heads if he were to venture outdoors in this little get-up during the warmer seasons.

Well done that man!

Photos: RocketNews24

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