Eighty-four percent, apparently, is the magic number. And there I was thinking it was three all this time.

When we brought you the news last year that 84 percent of Japanese women said that not wearing an undershirt to work was “totally gross and, like, we can see your nipples, ewwwwww…”, little did we expect that some eighteen months later, a completely separate survey – this time with seven times as many participants – would not only confirm a general freaking-out about male summer nipple protrusion, but also come up with – get this – exactly the same number of non-nipple-showage fans: 84 percent.

This time, though, there’s a but. We should’ve known! There’s always a but.

▼ What women don’t want, according to survey company Qzoo.

shirt2 (1)

Qzoo interviewed 750 women about their male-nipple-visibility preferences, asking them:

“When a guy’s nipples are visible through his T-shirt, is that ok with you?”

The answers are pretty devastating, guys:

“Yep, that’s fine!” 15.7 percent

“No way, that’s gross!” 84.3 percent

That’s right – over a year later, the magical 84 percent figure is back!

▼ Let’s celebrate with some contrastive shirt shots.


Nikkan Spa!

Sorry about that. Anyway, survey moguls Qzoo collected comments from those surveyed, too. Here they are on the subject of undershirtless guys:

“I don’t want to see [their nipples]! It’s gross. It seems kind of dirty.” (woman in her 20s)

“There’s nothing that can be done about it, but it makes me want to keep my distance. They should show a little consideration!” (20s)

“It’s grossssssss. I wish they’d wear an undershirt.”(20s)

“I know guys don’t wear bras, but they should wear an undershirt.” (30s)

“It makes me feel ill. It’s like they’re doing it on purpose.” (20s)

“It’s not like they’re a Hollywood star or anything. It’s gross.” (40s)

“It’s physically repulsive. So narcissistic.” (30s)

“It’s like they want you to look at them.” (60s)

Well. That was harsher than we expected! I need to calm down…

▼How about this hamster bum?



That’s better. OK.

Respondents did have one important exception to make, though:

“If he’s a macho, cool guy, then it’s fine.” (woman in her 40s)

“If it’s a guy I’m into, then I want to see.” (30s

“If it’s an old guy, that’s gross, but I’ll let them off it it’s an actor or a model or something.”

So, according to this survey (at this point, it’s worth pointing out that this was, after all, a survey of people who chose to be interviewed about nipples), Japanese women don’t like to see a man’s nips through his shirt…unless he’s really hot.

But let’s not forget about the 16 percent who said “fine by me”! They are the magic negative that make our 84 percent what it is, after all! What kind of comments did they make?

“I think it’s sexy. Just seeing a little bit of nipple…” (woman in her 30s)

“It’s natural and cool.” (20s)

Well, that’s nice. Some people aren’t totally grossed out by the human form then, after all.

Source: Huffington Post JP
Top image: deadparents