Men and women. Even when we’re all speaking the same language, it seems like we’re saying completely different things. If you’ve ever grumbled to a friend about not understanding what women and/or men really want, then you will definitely be able to sympathize with this one. Here are 10 tweets from Japanese Twitter users explaining what they think the differences between what women and men mean…even when they’re saying the exact same things! After reading this, you’ll probably have a better idea of why it often seems like the sexes just can’t understand each other. You’ll also probably be no closer to figuring out what they’re telling you…

Now, obviously not every single thing that comes out of our mouths is necessarily a labyrinth of meaning, but it’s impossible to deny that some words have wildly different meanings for men and women. Even with this explanatory tweet, we’re still not sure we completely understand “cute” and “cool”.

When guys say “cool,” they don’t just mean her face.
When girls say “cool,” they just mean his face.

When guys say “cute,” they mean just her face.
When girls say “cute,” they don’t mean just his face.


Though the multiple meanings of “cute” are just the beginning of our worries. If you want to get into some really heady issues, try thinking like a man or a woman.

When a woman says she wants to understand how men think, she really wants to confirm what she already knows. But when a man says he doesn’t understand how women think, it’s because he really has no idea.

Ladies, trust us, men definitely don’t have any idea how you or they think. It’s like flying blind in the fog…

And when it comes to money, men and women often seem to have very different approaches–especially in Japan.

When a man says a woman has a high salary, he means in comparison to other women. But when a woman says a man has a high salary, she means in comparison to other men and herself.

Men and women also have different ways of approaching the touchy subject of relationships…

When a guy tells another guy, “You seem like you would have a girlfriend,” it’s encouragement.
When a girl tells another girl, “You seem like you would have a boyfriend,” it’s war.

When a guy tells a girl, “But you seem like you’d have a boyfriend,” he means, “Well, why don’t you go out with me?” But when a girl tells a guy, “You seem like you’d have a girlfriend,” she means, “So please leave me alone!”

▼Ouch! You’ll be needing this…


Women often wonder, after an unsuccessful date, “Just what the hell do men want in a woman?” These two tweets should tell you that men probably don’t have any idea either.

When a man says, “I like women who can eat a lot,” they mean they like “girls who can eat a lot but are still pretty and stylish” and not “girls who eat a lot and are fat and ugly.”

When guys say women look better without make up, they only say this to girls who are pretty without make-up. This will be on the test.

Wait. There’s gonna be a test??

Naturally, there are plenty of men sitting at the forever alone table and they’re probably also wondering what women want to hear. Unfortunately, this tweet won’t help you.

When girls say, “I like guys who have interesting things to say,” they mean, “I like people who listen to me and think I’m interesting.”

But maybe the ladies are just looking for a “nice guy” or maybe even just “someone” right…

I wonder if when a woman calls someone “kind,” they really mean “and they don’t have any other good qualities” or “they’re easy to manipulate”?

When a girl says “someone,” they generally have someone in mind. Right?

Now we have no idea what anyone wants, means, or is trying to say! Arg!

Well, now that we can translate the whistles of dolphins, we assume we’re only a few decades away from men-women communication devices. What a glorious day that will be when we can finally understand each other. Until then, good luck using your mouths and ears!

Source: Naver Matome
Images: Wikipedia