It tends to be the smaller crimes that are the most baffling to understand. Fraud, murder, or theft all tend to come about from a certain human ambition for money or power. However, when a bunch of daikons go missing, how could you possibly deduce it was a middle school girl who enjoys the sounds of the radishes getting run over by cars?

In the same vein we have one arrest in Wakayama Prefecture in which a man stands accused of violating the obscene behavior clause of the prefecture’s nuisance prevention order. So, slap on your detective caps and have fun trying to come up with a motive for the case of “The Guy Who Stuck Women’s Underwear to Unknown Women’s Cars.”

The suspect is 48-year-old Yoshikazu Kabe who works in the transportation business in Wakayama City. According to police, during the late night of 3 March and morning of 4 March he allegedly affixed several pairs of women’s underwear to the vehicle of a 22-year-old woman, while the car sat in a parking lot in the same city.

Also according to the police, the man admitted to the weird crime but also said that he had no relationship with the woman whatsoever. Furthermore, there were at least four similar incidents in the same city between March and May of this year that authorities feel may be connected.

Police say they are currently investigating a motive for this streak of car pantification in Wakayama. We think they may have their work cut out for them on this one. First impulse would be to assume the suspect was your run-of-the-mill creepy guy trying to send an equally creepy message to random ladies of the city.

This kind of also seems like the type of case that a woman would be more likely to report to the police in the first place. Rightfully so since for a guy, a car decorated in women’s undergarments seems more like an immature prank, whereas for a woman it tends to have more frightening undertones.

Honestly, if I woke up one morning and found a bunch of ladies’ undergarments on my car, I would probably assume it was a jackknifed Victoria’s Secret truck on a windy day or, at worst, some neighborhood kid playing a prank, and just forget about it as long as the paint wasn’t scratched. Especially in this case, the panty crimes appear to be one-and-done deals, so we’re guessing that for some citizens it would hardly seem worth the effort to go to law enforcement. Therefore, perhaps many other cars were hit with lacy decorations, not just the four that were officially reported. For all we know, this man’s connection to the transport industry has spawned some kind of hatred (or love?) towards cars themselves that he couldn’t contain any longer. Or just maybe some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money; they can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with… Some men just want to watch the world covered in underwear.

Source: MSN Sankei News West via Hachima Kiko (Japanese)
Top Image: Amazon 1, 2