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The recent announcement of Paul McCartney’s illness and subsequent cancelation of concerts in Japan has disappointed many of his fans. But hey, the guy is 71 years old and still rocking out so we all shouldn’t be too hard on him. The sudden cancellation did, however, make some netizens realize just how often this sort of thing happens when it comes to Paul’s concerts (he has a whopping 51% cancellation rate in Japan to be exact). It also reminded many Japanese concert-goers of other foreign artists who have decided to not perform at the last minute…and there’s been a lot of them recently.

Kanye West
Canceled: Fuji Rock headliner
When: April 2014
Reason: “Artist circumstances”

SXSW 2009 Perez Hilton PartySource: Dell’s Official Flickr Page

Selena Gomez
Canceled: Dance Stars tour
When: January 2014
Reason: “Spend some time on myself”

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 5.33.53 PMSource: Amanda Nobles

Avril Lavigne
Canceled: 10-day World Peace Concert
When: July 2013
Reason: “The singer’s own wish”

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 5.37.34 PMSource: YouTube

The Killers
Canceled: So many concerts that it’s no longer a surprise to Japanese fans (i.e. Fuji Rock 2009, 2010 Asia Tour, 2013 concert)
When: 2009, 2010, 2013
Reason: Various

the killersSource: Danny Wilson

The recent last-minute cancellations have made many Japanese netizens wonder if there’s a reason so many artists don’t follow through on their promises made to concert-goers in Japan. Some have speculated that past drug use could be an issue for musicians wanting to perform in a country that has extremely strict laws for controlled substances. Some wondered if a lack of ticket sales prompted some musicians to not bother showing up. Others thought foreign artists may be having a hard time getting a visa allowing them to come to Japan in the first place.

Lots of speculation, without many answers. However, leave it to Snoop Dogg to set the record straight – he didn’t show up because they didn’t pay him the full amount upfront:

Which brings us to One Direction’s recent announcement of their On the Road Again Tour 2015. The five-member boy band has a huge following in Japan and news of their February concerts has inspired virtual screams across Twitter, like this one which I’ll do my best to translate, although I don’t speak 13-year-old girl in any language…:

▼ “OMGOMG!!!! 1D’s coming to Japan! To Saitama! SUPER ARENA! AAAAAAAAA!!!! I want one of these newspaper ads! But first of all I want a ticket!! I’m absolutely 100% gonna get a ticket!!!!!! OMG! Harry! <3<3<3 1D!! Oh.My.God. I’m soooo excited! YEAAAAHH!”Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.47.33 PM

In fact, One Direction’s newspaper ads are so highly coveted that entire gaggles of girls have been spotted running through the streets just to get their hands on one:

So even though plenty of performers who came before have canceled on Japan, the quintet they call One Direction better not. Unlike most singers, the perfectly coiffed boys will have to answer to their completely reasonable, not at all hysterical female fanbase.

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Facebook (OneDirectionMusicJP)