Mosh pit turns into a pond but that doesn’t stop the singing and dancing.

When you feel intense passion for a band or idol group, chances are you’ll brave even the most extreme weather conditions to see them perform, and that’s what happened in Yamanashi Prefecture on the weekend, when heavy rain couldn’t stop fans from attending the two-day “Konya Wa Anata No Fujisan Fesu ~ Obon SP !! ~”(“Tonight Is Your Mt Fuji Festival ~ Obon SP!! ~“) event.

Not to be confused with the annual Fuji Rock Festival, which features rock bands from overseas, the “Tonight Is Your Mt Fuji Festival”, colloquially shortened to “Konya Fes“, is a celebration of idol groups, and this one was a special performance to coincide with Japan’s obon holiday period.

The festival was scheduled to go ahead rain or shine, but the weather this past weekend turned out to be unseasonably cold and wet, with heavy rain and flood warnings throughout most of the country. Still, there was no dampening the enthusiasm from performers and fans, who shone with joy at the Yamanakako Communication Plaza Kirara Outdoor Stage.

Those with a keen eye might’ve noticed something odd about the clip above, as the ground in front of the stage had filled with water, creating a pond-like mosh pit.

Still, as the old adage goes, the show must go on, and go on it did, with the official photographer for the event wading through the water to get those all-important shots.

It didn’t take long for images of the wet performance and water-wading photographer to go viral, with people leaving comments like:

“It’s not just the idols but the cameraman who needs a round of applause!”
“He’s got a front row view all to himself!”
“This is crazy! Respect to that poor cameraman!”
“It’s like a scene from the Zombie Land Saga anime.”
“That water must’ve been geeking out!”

Shortly after the photographer was seen waist-high in the water, festival organisers announced they would be cancelling the event at the request of Yamanakako Village, where the venue is located, due to safety concerns.

It was a good thing they did cancel the event, as the rain didn’t let up, continuing right throughout the day into Monday, and while we’re sure some idols would appreciate their fans getting a wash, nobody wants their entire fan base to be literally washed away.

Source: My Game News Flash 
Top image: Pakutaso 
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