Bis sis is totally OK with having this fellow musician as her new brother-in-law.

Popular Japanese band One OK Rock recently kicked off a nationwide tour to promote its newest album, titled Ambitions. The fans in attendance in Shizuoka Ecopa Arena, the first stop of the tour, were amped up for the opening concert on February 18, and they were in for an extra-dramatic moment when bassist Ryota Kohama revealed on-stage that he’d gotten married earlier this month.

▼ One OK Rock’s “Mighty Long Fall,” which was featured in the live-action Rurouni Kenshin film series

Making the announcement an even bigger surprise is that Ryota’s spouse isn’t Japanese, but Canadian. Two days after the concert, on February 20, Ryota shared on a photo of himself and his smiling bride on Instagram, with the message “I am so happy because I got married with Michelle!! She is so amazing.”

But the surprises weren’t done yet, One day after Ryota posted the photo, the same image was shared on Instagram by international recording star Avril Lavigne.

In the course of their careers, Avril and One OK Rock have crossed paths a few times. They both appeared on the same Japanese music TV show in 2013, and met up again when One OK Rock was performing in Canada in last year. More recently, Avril contributed vocals to One OK Rock’s song “Listen.”

However, while Lavigne offered her heartfelt congratulations to Ryota on his marriage, her warmest wishes were no doubt for his wife Michelle, since she also happens to be Avril’s younger sister.

Michelle also looks to have taken her husband’s family name following their union, as her (private) Instagram account now lists her as Michelle Kohama.


It’s unknown whether this means Michelle will be relocating to Japan, but if she does, maybe we’ll see her big sister record another music video here when she comes to visit.

Source: IT Media