Popular Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart has cancelled the release of a foie gras and beef patty bento ready meal due to customer complaints. While news of the cancellation will no doubt please animal rights supporters, some Japanese netizens have opposed the decision, arguing that the consumption of foie gras is no worse than the consumption of beef.

The “FamilyMart Premium Black-Haired Wagyu Hamburger Bento with Foie Gras Pâté” was scheduled to sell for 690 yen (US$6.74) from January 28 this year. In its news release stating the reasons for cancelling the product, the company maintains that they included foie gras in the bento as it is a common food in Japan. However, they decided to cancel the release after it became aware that other countries and some customers in Japan had different opinions regarding the production process of foie gras. Details of the production process, which includes force-feeding ducks and geese large amounts of food to enlarge their livers, was not mentioned in the news release.


The decision by FamilyMart was met with some opposition by Japanese netizens. Some pointed out that there’s cruelty involved in the consumption of anything, including all meat and vegetables, while others were angry at vegans and vegetarians for continually limiting food options for meat lovers.

Hopefully the discussion generated by the decision will result in better education about food production practices and more informed food choices by consumers.

Source: Itai news