Multi-orchestra video game music festival to be held at the online Tokyo Game Show 2021

TGS2021 is making the best of yet another online convention.

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Anime song dance performance group Real Akiba Boys: combining the otaku life with street dancing

Anime music and breakdancing? Sign us up!

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We take on Japan’s latest crazy anime pose: The two-person peace sign【Photos】

The part about being a bishonen idol is entirely optional

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Scuffle with iron pipe breaks out at anime music concert, police quell the belligerent otaku

Net users agree that the antics of these so-called fans were just plain rude.

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DJ Hello Kitty drops the beat and F-bombs at all-night Sanrio Puroland Halloween event【Video】

“Motherf#%$ers, go!”

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Mega Man rock concert coming this July in honor of 30th anniversary

Time to look back at the fine history of Mega Man… except the Captain N stuff. Let’s all agree to forget about that.

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Golden Bomber wows the crowd with an eight-second concert

Sometimes less is more….

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Tokyo music venue is looking for a band to live on the premises and perform every day for a week

Calling all indie bands in Tokyo – this could be your big break!

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Robot-performed Love Live! idol show in Akihabara sums up Japan in one video【Video】

Robots? Check. Anime? Check. Creepy but still cute? Oh definitely check.

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Hey! You’ll definitely want to listen to the Legend of Zelda’s 30th Anniversary concerts

It’s dangerous to go alone, so go forth with epic and powerful music.

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Is the year-end Arashi Concert about to go high-tech with facial recognition for attendees?

Rumors are flying around the Japanese internet that facial recognition technology may be introduced at least partially at the Arashi concerts being held later this month.

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Japanese idol unit plans concert for men only, draws complaints from women’s organization

The city of Dazaifu, located in Fukuoka Prefecture, has a couple of nice cultural sites, such as the Tenmangu Shinto shrine and Komyozenji Buddhist temple. It’s pretty short on modern, youth-oriented attractions, though, so many of the city’s younger residents were probably thrilled when they heard that Momoiro Clover Z, one of Japan’s most popular idol units, would be holding a concert in their relatively sleepy town.

Many of them were less thrilled, though, when it was announced that the concert would be held only for male fans, a decision that’s drawn complaints from a local women’s group.

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Love Livers spotted wearing biker-style coats at anime song festival, concertgoers not impressed

August in Japan is the month of summer concerts, from the internationally celebrated Summer Sonic series, to record label Avex Trax’s annual A-Nation festival. Of course, let’s not forget to mention the Animelo Summer Live series, known popularly as Anisama (an abbreviation of anime and the Japanese pronunciation of “summer”) by Japanese fans of anime songs.

This year’s opening day of the concert series saw an unusual display of love for hit anime series Love Live! in the form of a group of guys dressing up like old-school Japanese biker gang delinquents, complete with long coats depicting their favorite characters. However, it looks like a number of Japanese Twitter users are ready for the Love Livers to tone their passion down a notch, as the online critics were decidedly unimpressed with the outfits.

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AKB48 not just popular in Japan – Belgian politician lobbying for first European concert

The most famous idol group in Japan, AKB48, has a lot of fans all over the world. Not only do they perform to sold-out venues within Japan, but they have also held packed concerts in the US and other parts of Asia.

The group of singing female pop stars hasn’t made it to Europe yet, but one mega-fan might be influential enough to convince the AKB48 brass to take their tour bus to Belgium.

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World-famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction to Japanese concert: Do not want 【Video】

Portuguese celebrity soccer/football player Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to the bizarre side of Japan. And usually, he’s a real trooper about it. Whatever you may think of the man, you can’t deny that he’s done some pretty amazing things while in Japan, and has won the hearts of all soccer fans all over the country.

Except for the most recent event he’s participated in. Ronaldo attended a small concert broadcast on Japanese TV, and he was not looking thrilled about it at all. Just how miserable was he – and how miserable was the concert too? Watch the video after the jump and find out!

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Oops! There’s something not quite right about Nana Mizuki’s live tour publicity image…

Nana Mizuki, one of the few voice actresses in Japan who also has a successful singing career, is about to embark on a live tour, dubbed Live Adventure 2015. With 10 albums under her belt, the multi-talented seiyuu has been having annual solo concerts since 2000, and it’s no surprise that fans are abuzz over her upcoming tour, which starts on July 4. But the excitement and anticipation has not blinded net users enough to overlook some careless photo-editing that was spotted on one of the event’s publicity visuals.

Have you spotted the spooky mistakes in the photo yet? Read on to find out where they are!

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Singing nun in Japan gives heavenly concert, also spiritual advice to mothers of otaku

Have you heard of Cristina Scuccia? She’s a 26-year-old Italian nun with a gift for singing, famous for winning The Voice of Italy in 2014, then going on to release an album including a music video to her own rendition of “Like a Virgin.”

Recently, she came to Japan to give a performance, and we were lucky enough to visit for ourselves. We have pictures and the full video of not just the sister singing in her divine voice, but also her giving a “mini confessional” by listening to problems from the audience and giving life advice.

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Why do most concerts held in Japan prohibit taking pictures?

For anyone who enjoys live music, part of the fun is taking photos of the band or recording video to relive the experience at home or show off on Facebook. It’s a tradition that strengthens the connection between bands and their fans long after a concert is over. Especially in this digital age, many bands depend on the power of social media to connect with new audiences they could never reach before.

If you’ve ever attended a concert in Japan, you know this is not the case. You will almost always see “No photos” and “No video” signs posted all over concert venues. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a foreign artist or a local one, you are not allowed to take pictures, and a host of security personal will remind you of the fact.

Find out why this is the case, and which big musical act might be turning the tide, after the jump.

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Perfume announce re-release of LEVEL3 in time for world tour in November

Perfume have announced an autumn release date for a new bonus edition of their album LEVEL3. The worldwide release in October will come just before the Japanese girl group make their US concert debut in early November. LEVEL3 was released in Japan last year, and the worldwide re-release will be via label Astralwerks.

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BABYMETAL plays first ever US show, bootleg videos leave us wowed

Continuing their meteoric rise to international stardom, BABYMETAL has checked off another box on their world conquest to-do list: Playing a headline show in the US!

The show this weekend has even made waves in Japan thanks to a fan video uploaded to YouTube shortly after the group’s LA tour. Check it out below!

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