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Thai food is fantastic; the flavors of sweet and spicy excite the taste buds like little else. But in a country as diverse as Thailand, how do you know which restaurant to visit? There are so many local eateries, how can you decide which one will be the best? Well, RocketNews24 has a recommendation for you, and it doesn’t matter what part of Thailand you are in, you will probably be able to find it.

The restaurant we recommend for you to try some authentic Thai food is…McDonald’s!

McDonald’s restaurants around the world are known to try to appeal to local tastes with their menus. The Golden Arches isn’t afraid to spice up their menus in order to attract the local and not so local patrons, and Thailand is no different!

Instead of apple pie, would you like to try some pineapple pie? Not one for the sweet stuff? How about some savory pies? What about a corn pie or a curry crab stick pie?

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The fun doesn’t stop there! Even though Thailand doesn’t have a World Cup team, McDonald’s is still rolling out their Brazilian Chicken Sandwich for people to try. They even have some crispy fish McBites in both spicy Korean and spicy Italian tomato flavors.

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For those familiar with Japan’s McDonald’s menu, the Teriyaki McBurger (akin to a McRib but slightly more authentic) is called the Samurai Pork Burger in Thailand (teriyaki sauce perhaps not included).

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If you were looking for something more authentically Thai, we’ve saved the best ones for last. Starting off we have a Thai rice dish with egg, reinvented with the typical McDonald’s style. Called the McKao Kaprao, it features crispy chicken, beef or pork.

But perhaps the most authentically Thai item on the menu is only served in the mornings. In Thailand, you can get a McD Chicken Porridge or McD Pork Porridge.

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You might look at that picture and wonder, “is that congee?!?” You would be correct! This rice porridge is a traditional dish in many Asian countries, and McDonald’s in Thailand is making it easy for you to try it out. When RocketNews24 Japan sent its writers to Thailand, they knew that they wanted to sample Thai food from many different restaurants and even street vendors. For breakfast, however, it turns out they just kept going to McDonald’s!

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The McD Chicken Porridge, pictured above, is a porridge flavored with lightly salted fried chicken and cilantro. With the option to add a fried egg, this breakfast can be extremely satisfying in the morning!

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If you think your stomach isn’t hearty enough to face the scrumptious bowls the street vendors will serve you, you can take your weak-willed tummy to McDonald’s and still sample some pretty tasty Thai food. But please, don’t rely on McDonald’s in Thailand as your only source. Please have a little courage and experience the wonderful breadth of flavors that Thai cuisine has to offer you!

Images: RocketNews24, McDonald’s Thailand
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