And it’s just as delicious as it was last year! 

Cilantro lovers, get your wallets and your stomachs ready! Freshness Burger’s Cilantro Chicken Burger is back! Accompanied by a new delicious flavor and the option to add even more cilantro, this hit sandwich from last year has returned to satisfy your every desire. Given how much we loved the “Too Much Coriander” pizza from Pizza Hut, we were eager to try it out and were delighted when we were offered a spot at the tasting event.

Last year, the Cilantro Chicken Burger, a sandwich of crispy fried chicken thighs dressed with green curry sauce and topped with cilantro (also known as coriander or pakuchi), was a big hit among cilantro fans. This year it has the same herby punch, and it now comes in two different flavors: green curry and tom yum goong. 

The meat is the nice, fatty part you find around the bone, and it’s freshly fried in-store with every order, making every piece delightfully juicy and full of umami. That’s something you can only get at Freshness Burger, whose focus is not just on efficiency but also on the ingredients and the preparation.

The cut of chicken on our Green Curry sandwich was quite thick, and with a bountiful topping of cilantro and the addition of tomato, fried eggplants, and sliced onions, it was massive. We also appreciated how colorful it was.

The green curry sauce was made with green chili peppers, so it felt very authentic. It was tinglingly spicy, but the freshness of the cilantro complemented it well. The chicken, too, was perfectly crispy on the outside and just about gushed juices from the inside. The sandwich as a whole was exactly as we remembered it from last year, which made us beyond happy.

We couldn’t wait to try the new Tom Yum Goong sandwich. This sauce, with its spicy and sour flavor, also worked great with the refreshing flavor of cilantro. We could get used to this magic combination.

The chicken on this sandwich packed a whammy of a punch, but the sauce and the cilantro held their own against its strong meaty flavor.

In addition to the sliced onions and tomatoes on the Green Curry sandwich, this one came with baby corn, which is an often-used ingredient in Thai cuisine. It was a pretty interesting topping that contributed to the Southeast Asian feel of the burger.

Both sandwiches were utterly delicious, and we couldn’t get enough of the freshness of the cilantro, which genuinely felt like it had been plucked right off the bush. The combination of the spicy sauces and the refreshing flavor of cilantro made these burgers crisp and delicious.

The Pakuchi Chicken Burgers, as they’re being called in Japanese, are available at Freshness Burgers around the country now through July 18 for 590 yen (US$4.25). If you’re a major cilantro fan, you also have the option to triple the amount of cilantro for an extra 100 yen. And if you’re someone cursed with an anti-cilantro tongue, you can switch it out for leaf lettuce and just enjoy the flavors of the chicken and sauce, for no additional price.

What we tried was the Triple Cilantro version, which is what we would definitely recommend for cilantro fans. It makes for a perfect summer meal, especially when paired with an ice-cold beer!

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