Tuk tuks aren’t the cheapest or the safest way to get around Thailand, but as one of the more iconic local and tourist symbols of the country, they’re worth taking for a ride around town at least once.

Decked out with flashing lights and homages to the Thai flag and royal family, they’ve even recently become a fashion icon in the least likeliest of places, like the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant.

After 63 years of Miss Universe beauty pageants, coming up with a new annual theme to explore for the national costume portion of the show can be quite the challenge. This year, however, Thailand thinks they have a winning design that will really rev up the event.

Earlier this month it was announced that Aniporn Chalermburanawong, who won the honor of representing Miss Thailand in the upcoming Miss Universe contest, will be donning a tuk tuk-inspired dress as her native costume.

Designed by Hirankrit Paipibulkul, the dress was selected among eight finalists as the best design to represent Thai culture at the next competition. The outfit will include chromium parts and working lights for a realistic feel. Look at how cool the tire print tights are, too!

Even if the costume doesn’t come with a horn, we’re sure Aniporn will have no trouble making a grand entrance in this awesome, fun costume. Will the contestants from other countries be able to strut out in something just as amazing? We’ll have to wait for the upcoming Miss Universe 2015 contest, scheduled to air from Las Vegas, Nevada, to find out!

Judging by the positive reactions the tuk tuk costume has gotten from Thai fans, if you haven’t already decided on your Halloween costume this year, dressing up as a tuk tuk might be something to consider yourself!


Source: Coconuts Bangkok, Facebook/Miss Universe Thailand (FanPage)
Feature/top image: Miss Universe Thailand (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert image: The Hot Pot Blog