McDonald's Macaron

McDonald’s joints all around the world have some of the most interesting items. There’s of course Chicken Curry Rice in Thailand, American vintage burgers in Japan, and ramen at one McDonald’s in the US (of all places!). But we’ve never seen anything quite this fancy at a fast food restaurant anywhere, so we sent one of our reporters to check out the colorful macarons at a McDonald’s in Shanghai.

McDonald’s isn’t exactly known for having high-quality items, but these perfectly round macarons look positively luxurious! To top it off, they go perfectly with a cup of McDonald’s coffee. The macarons come in four flavors: strawberry, lemon, chocolate, and matcha green tea (we’re sure you can tell which is which based on the colors!). A single macaron costs 10 yuan ($1.63), but why buy one when you can get all four for 32 yuan ($5.20)?

▼ Betcha can’t eat just one!McDonald's Macaron4

Our reporter decided to try the strawberry macaron first. She gingerly picked up the pink dessert, admiring it in her hand:

McDonald's Macaron5

The outer layer was somewhat hard, just like a macaron should be. Meanwhile, the strawberry cream center was peeking out, just begging to be eaten.

McDonald's Macaron6

▼ The cream!!!McDonald's Macaron7

Our reporter took a bite and was immediately impressed with the crisp outer layer of the macaron. As she sunk her teeth into the treat, the strawberry cream filling came to the forefront, delivering a lovely contrast in texture. The dessert was neither too sweet nor too bland, the perfect balance of strawberry and cream deliciousness! In fact, our reporter deemed it just as good as the macarons sold in swanky Tokyo department stores!

Thoroughly enjoying every bite of the strawberry macaron, our reporter turned her sights on the other flavors. Taking a bite of each one, she was instantly disappointed. The lemon and matcha green tea flavors weren’t anywhere near as delicious or well-balanced as the strawberry macaron, and the chocolate one wasn’t anything to write home about. Sure, they didn’t taste bad, but after having such a wonderful flavor experience with the strawberry macaron, it was a big disappointment.

▼ How can something this beautiful just taste so-so?McDonald's Macaron8

▼ You, too! You look sooo good! What happened?McDonald's Macaron10

▼ Oh matcha, our favorite flavor. We wish you could stand up to the strawberry macaron.McDonald's Macaron9

But despite the vast difference in taste between the four flavors, our reporter still thinks the McDonald’s macarons would do well in Japan. They’re just the right price, neither too expensive nor too cheap (which might be cause for concern as to what’s in them). So let’s get these beauties into a McDonald’s near us!

Photos: RocketNews24
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