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Things I can do that impress Japanese junior high school students: touch my nose with my tongue; recite the lyrics to ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful’ on cue; whistle the Benny Hill theme inconspicuously during class and then blame it on the Japanese sensei.

There’s one thing I’ve never mastered though – one thing that would hugely augment my repertoire of “odd things the English teacher can do”. I can’t whistle with grass. Or any kind of plant, in fact. Clearly, I should’ve taken some lessons from this guy, who can play entire tunes with a single pea pod.

▼ The challenge: play “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” (Zankoku na tenshi no tēze) on a shoot.
The plant: karasu no endo, or “Crow’s Pea”.

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▼ As Rasa, the video’s star performer, explains, first you have to open the pod and throw away the peas (awww). Then, pinch off the end to make a whistle.

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▼ Ready…

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▼ …set…

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You can watch the full video here. If you want to skip the explanation and get straight to the musical goodness of the theme song, you can jump to 2:24!

Source: KAI-YOU, Niconico douga