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Animator Gives Game Of Thrones Anime Makeover

Game of Thrones is a phenomenon that hasn’t quite grabbed Japan the way it has the rest of the world. This might be a big step in the right direction though.

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Game of Thrones meets Zelda in Super Nintendo-inspired opening song

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, HBO’s hit TV show Game of Thrones must be feeling rather pleased with itself these days. From Disney cartoon characters to woodblock-like prints of the show in feudal-era Japan, there is no lack of love from talented fans.

This newest fan-made project is sure to please both fans of the show and gamers around the world, as it blends the world of none other than Super NES classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with the realm of Westeros.

Click below to see Zelda get the Game of Thrones treatment.

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Evangelion theme song played on a pea pod is just as weird and awesome as it sounds【Video】

Things I can do that impress Japanese junior high school students: touch my nose with my tongue; recite the lyrics to ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful’ on cue; whistle the Benny Hill theme inconspicuously during class and then blame it on the Japanese sensei.

There’s one thing I’ve never mastered though – one thing that would hugely augment my repertoire of “odd things the English teacher can do”. I can’t whistle with grass. Or any kind of plant, in fact. Clearly, I should’ve taken some lessons from this guy, who can play entire tunes with a single pea pod.

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