Japan’s Setsubun Bean-Throwing Bazooka is so powerful demons won’t dare come near you

Taking Japanese customs of demon-vanquishing to impressive new levels.

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It’s time to throw beans and banish demons! A look at family Setsubun traditions in Japan

From ogre teachers to desserts in the dark, the SoraNews24 team shares their Setsubun styles.

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Bonten Kaoru green soy beans win 2nd National Edamame Championship in Ehime

The judges were full of beans for this event.

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Could the kind of coffee you drink affect your brain function? New studies say yes

What do you like to get from your coffee, relaxation or focus? Apparently, the type of beans can change the affect on your brain, but which does what?

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Three Kyoto sushi shops are sending girls reeling in culinary delight

You’ve probably seen girls (and sometimes guys) taking pictures in restaurants and maybe you read their Twitter or Facebook updates about the good food they eat around Japan. Maybe you’re one of these foodagraphers. I wouldn’t blame you, in fact, I’ve done the same. Japanese food, everything from lunch-boxes to sweets, is often not only delicious looking, but is also often displayed in cute and fashionable ways.

But lately, social media and the restaurant review site Tabelog have been taken by storm by the updates and comments about three Kyoto sushi restaurants, due to their innovative menu and their ability to attract those squealing, cell-phone holding, Japanese women (and men?) by making their food undeniably cute.

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Evangelion theme song played on a pea pod is just as weird and awesome as it sounds【Video】

Things I can do that impress Japanese junior high school students: touch my nose with my tongue; recite the lyrics to ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful’ on cue; whistle the Benny Hill theme inconspicuously during class and then blame it on the Japanese sensei.

There’s one thing I’ve never mastered though – one thing that would hugely augment my repertoire of “odd things the English teacher can do”. I can’t whistle with grass. Or any kind of plant, in fact. Clearly, I should’ve taken some lessons from this guy, who can play entire tunes with a single pea pod.

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