A brand new capsule hotel just opened...in Malaysia4

Capsule hotels were something of an anomaly when first introduced to the world through pictures taken in Japan. But it seems the compact rental sleeping areas are catching on abroad. If you thought Japan was the only place you could crawl into a compartment just longer than your body, you’ll be surprised to find that you can now have a similar claustrophobic experience in Malaysia.

Conveniently located in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2), “Capsule” by eco-friendly hotel chain, Container Hotel, is a capsule hotel designed for short overnight stays or quick freshen ups between flights. It is the very first of its kind in Malaysia and has a somewhat industrial feel to it.


▼ It almost looks like a warehouse, complete with shipping crate-style walls.A brand new capsule hotel just opened...in Malaysia

The official Capsule by Container Hotel website asserts that their hotel is “great for a short stay, and for people who are trendsetters, value-smart, and eager to experience a Capsule styled lodging without worrying about lengthy stop-over.” Judging from the photos, each sleeping compartment looks pretty comfortable, with even a small “entryway” to place your slippers.

A brand new capsule hotel just opened...in Malaysia4

▼ It has a very sleek, minimalist feel.reservation2

Each capsule comes with a few convenient amenities (though no TV like the capsule hotels in Japan):

•   2 Pillows
•   Foldable table
•   Hangers
•   Individual ventilation
•   Privacy blind
•   Personal locker / drawer
•   Reading light
•   Power socket
•   Phone (self-setting alarm calls enabled)

However, hallways and corridors of the hotel look like something straight out of a sci-fi thriller.

A brand new capsule hotel just opened...in Malaysia5

A brand new capsule hotel just opened...in Malaysia3


But despite its somewhat creepy design, there are a number of other common-area features listed on the website to make you feel nice and comfortable:

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 4.37.03 PM

If you find yourself with a lot of time to spend in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the check-in process to start your “hassle-free, artful, and unique experience” is easy. Simply receive your access card, locker key, and amenity bag with towel at the front desk. Next, place your belongings in your locker and exchange your shoes for a pair of slippers. From there, you’re free to use the hotel’s showers, common areas, or crawl into your cubby hole for some rest.

▼ Washroomreservation4

▼ Showersreservation3

A three, six, or twelve hour stay is priced at RM45 (US$14), RM70 ($21), and RM90 ($28); a very reasonable price even considering the small size of the accommodations. Reservations are encouraged, so be sure to stop by the Capsule website prior to your stay. With clean facilities, convenient amenities, and a very reasonable price, we wonder if more international hotels will take a cue from Capsule by Container Hotel and bring this Japanese-original even further abroad.

Images: Capsule Container