There’s a lot going on in Thailand at the moment, and you can be sure that those in the tourism industry watching visitor numbers plummet now that the country has fallen under military control are none too pleased, so it’s not surprising to hear of stories of anger and frustration. What we didn’t expect to see, though, were ducks taking to the street en masse as if in protest.

Check out this video of thousands of ducks waddling along together in an adorable yet really eerie demonstration of nature.

Countless ducks stretch down the road as far as the eye can see, swiftly walking in unison as if with a single mind.

For moment they pause to look at something on the side of the road and promptly continue on their way.

Some human sympathizers also participated in the march, but the ducks kept a cautious distance perhaps leery that they might be agent provocateurs.

As we can see the movement wreaked havoc on traffic in the area. It’s uncertain whether the ducks marching in support of or against the coup d’état because they are ducks and can’t speak. However, they certainly seem upset about something by their determined gait.

Source: YouTube – GU Channel via Toychan