Gentlemen, let loose your inner samurai when you stay in these latest “wa-kapu” Japan-themed capsule rooms at the Business Inn New City in Yokohama City.

The five-floor Business Inn New City located in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, began taking reservations for its newest set of themed capsule rooms this past Monday. These rooms mark the second time that the hotel has offered specially decorated concept rooms; the previous “痛カプ” anime-themed rooms have already proven to be a big hit with Japanese people and foreigners alike.

As long as you don’t mind the relatively cramped quarters and communal bathroom areas, capsule hotels are typically a great deal for anyone looking for an inexpensive place to crash while traveling or after missing the last train (it’s important to note that while the majority of capsule hotels cater to men, there are a few options for the ladies out there). However, these particular Japan-themed capsule rooms at the Business Inn New City are alluring enough that we can picture many men booking a room just for the fun of it all!

As per the theme, the floor of the communal space in the new capsule room area is covered with tatami mats, and images of Japanese castles and samurai armor line the capsule walls along with ukiyo-e style artwork. Even the curtains for the individual capsule rooms are embellished with the family crests of prominent warriors from Japan’s feudal era:


Seems like everything you need for a minimal but fun night stay, right? Think again! Wait until you see some of the other amenities found inside:

▼ Spend your time reading one of 25,000 volumes of manga, watching one of 400 films, browsing the internet, or lounging in the TV chairs available in the hotel’s relaxation areas!


▼ Enjoy a pleasant soak in the communal public bath…


▼ …or sweat out your stress in the sauna.

▼ Satisfy your cravings at the hotel’s convenient in-house restaurant, which offers a mix of Japanese and Chinese dishes for reasonable prices. Not to mention you don’t have to leave the building!



With all of those services, it seems more like a regular hotel than like a capsule hotel, right?

The hotel’s website lists both the anime and the Japan-themed concept capsule rooms as going for 4,000 yen (US$32.94) per night, although prices may vary. Check-in time is 3 p.m. and check-out time is 10 a.m. the following morning–but with all of the hotel’s amenities, you might just find yourself booking an extra night!

Hotel Information
Business Inn New City / ビジネスイン ニューシティー
Address: 53 Nishidori, Fukutomi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0042
〒231-0042 横浜市中区福富町西通り53
Tel: 045-231-3726
Directions: Business Inn New City is a three-minute walk from Hinodecho Station on the Keikyu Main Line, or an eight-minute walk from Kannai Station on the JR Negishi Line or the Yokohama Municipal Subway.

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Images: Business Inn New City