Almost 2 million people have viewed this short YouTube clip of pugs dressed as Game of Thrones characters since it was uploaded late last month. And well, why not? It’s not every day you get to see doggies cosplaying as characters from George R. R. Martin’s fantasy world of Westeros. Heck, we may even prefer the adorable pugs to some of their live-action counterparts!

In celebration of the Games of Thrones fourth season release on their site, blinkbox uploaded a video to YouTube called “The Pugs of Westeros,” starring three pugs named Roxy, Blue, and Bono. The dogs’ owners, Phillip and Sue Lauer, have always had a penchant for putting costumes on the pugs since they were puppies, but this particular clip marks their motion picture debut.

It seems lovers of both dogs and Game of Thrones alike have taken a liking to the clip based on the 1.9 million views and counting it ‘s already racked up on YouTube. The quality of the costumes and backdrops even rival the gorgeous scenery from the real show!

Thankfully, the video doesn’t contain any Red or Purple Wedding scenes, so no canines were harmed in the making of this film. Phew!

▼The Imp looking slightly more huggable than his TV counterpart


▼Daddy pug and two half-brothers


▼A sworn brother of the Night’s Watch with his sword, Longclaw. Hope he has the dexterity to wield it…


▼The Mother of Dragons. Or in this version, the Mother of Wrinkles.


▼Ned, if I were you I would be running back to Winterfell as fast as my paws could take me…


▼The Red Viper looking slightly like a Jedi knight


▼Obligatory scenic shot


▼What will the evil King Joffrey look like?! Suspense!


▼The king that everyone loves to hate sitting on the Iron Throne


▼Joffrey looking positively angelic for the first time ever


If you enjoyed this video, be sure to watch the short making-of video as well.

So what animal video spoof is going to be next? Will it be “The Cats of Westeros”? Or how about the “The Hamsters of Essos”? We’d love to see a larger cast of characters, too!

Source/Images: YouTube