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Since it served as Japan’s capital for over 1,000 years, the city of Kyoto has a strong connection with traditional arts such as Nihon buyo dance and the tea ceremony. We’re sure you could also find a number of students living in Kyoto who, once their classes are over for the day, make beautiful music with the koto, Japan’s most refined indigenous stringed instrument.

Things are a little more bombastic at Kyoto’s Tachibana High School, though. Tachibana is home to one of the country’s most talented marching band programs, and the school’s musicians have made performances at Disney theme parks not only in Japan, but in America too, as seen in this energizing videos.

In 2011, the Tachibana marching band made the trip from Kyoto to Anaheim, California to perform for guests at Disneyland. The group’s medley spanned 68 years, featuring music made famous by Glen Miller, Richard and Robert Sherman, and Lady Gaga.

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The band wasn’t in California just to play at Disneyland, though. Tachibana also participated in the Rose Parade, part of the New Year’s Day festivities in the city of Pasadena since 1890. The student musicians made such a good impression that they were invited back again in 2012.

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Their overseas recognition doesn’t mean they’re not appreciated at home though, as the band also performed at Tokyo Disney Sea this year on January 4.

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Seriously, next time you wake up in the morning feeling groggy, just give that a listen. It’s as good a kick-start as at least a half-pot of coffee.

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