Tokyo DisneySea mascot Duffy the Bear has a brand new friend! And that means new character goods now on sale at the park, and of course hundreds of Disney fans eager to get their paws on them.

The newest friend for Disney bear Duffy, a favourite at Tokyo Disney Sea, is Gelatoni, a boy cat with bright eyes, a long tail, and blue beret who loves to paint. His story goes that one day Duffy was taking a walk around the Mediterranean Harbor when he dropped his beloved gelato. Gelatoni saw this, and used the fallen ice cream to paint a picture which cheered up the dispirited Duffy. From then on, the two were firm friends.

One day while visiting Italy on their spring voyage, Duffy and Mickey were out for a stroll while Minnie and Shellie May did some shopping. Suddenly…

“Oh no! My gelato!” cried Duffy, as his sweet treat plopped to the ground.

“Va bene, don’t worry,” said the grey tuxedo cat in the bright blue beret. “Ciao! I’m Gelatoni.” And the funny little cat dipped his tail in the melting gelato and began painting with it. Duffy smiled and said, “I’m Duffy.”

“I wanna paint, too!” Duffy cheered. “Certamente, Duffy! Let’s paint together!” replied Gelatoni.

After they finished, the two new friends happily exchanged their masterpieces. “Let’s play again sometime!” they both agreed.

Gelatoni will be Duffy’s first new friend in four years, after the introduction of Shellie May in 2010.


The new lineup was launched on July 4. Gelatoni goods are on sale in only three stores within the DisneySea theme park: Aunt Peg’s Village Store (American Waterfront), McDuck’s Department Store (American Waterfront), and Galleria Disney (Mediterranean Harbor). Some stores in Mermaid Lagoon are also selling just the plush toys from the lineup. Other goods include phone straps, pens, and tote bags.

The weekend right after the launch saw long lines of people waiting to buy the new goods, the longest being at Galleria Disney which is just inside the entrance. Waiting times there were between 1 and 1.5 hours, and around 30 minutes at the other two stores. Of course, if there’s anything visitors to the Disney theme parks are used to, it’s queuing!


Many people were spotted around the park cuddling their new plushies or wearing the new coin purses. There were also crowds in front of the three new paintings by Gelatoni along the Mediterranean Harbor, which provide a great opportunity for some of your obligatory Disney photos.

Source: NariNari.com
Story translation: DisneyWiki