17 years and counting!

Music is a rough business, and differences in interests, tastes, and ambitions make keeping a band together difficult. But not for everyone; Japanese girl-band Scandal has survived the test of time by earning a Guinness World Record for being the longest-running female rock band with the same musicians.

Scandal, one of Japan’s most popular rock groups, is made up of four members who all sing while playing different instruments: Haruna, who plays guitar; Tomomi, who plays bass; Rina on the drums; and Mami, also a guitarist. The four girls met at a dance and vocal school in Kyobashi, Osaka, and formed Scandal on August 21, 2006 while they were still high school students. After forming, the group started their career with street performances in Osaka Castle Park and went on to perform in the U.S., France, and Hong Kong before achieving their major label debut in 2008.

▼ Scandal’s newest music video, for their song “Line of Sight”

Their major debut single, “Doll”, was released that year, and just one year later, their third major single, “Shojo S”, became a huge hit and earned them the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist. The band took off from there, with numerous anime theme songs that earned them fame and fans not only in Japan but across the world. In March 2012 they performed their first concert at the Nippon Budokan, an iconic stadium that’s a landmark achievement for all Japanese musical artists, and in 2015 they embarked on an ambitious world tour, including 31 locations in Japan as well as France, the U.K., Germany, and the U.S. The tour lasted six months and attracted 80,000 fans.

On August 21 of this year, the all-female group held a concert to celebrate the 17th anniversary of their founding at Nanba Hatch, the live venue in Osaka where the group held their first-ever big-stage concert. In between performances of their most popular songs from throughout their career, the women announced their acceptance into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the female rock band who retained the same musicians for the longest amount of time. The new record to beat is 16 years and 358 days…and counting.

▼ The 17th Anniversary concert

Each member shared their feelings on the achievement and their long-standing relationship. Guitarist Haruna said:

“Since we joined together, we’ve had all kinds of fun experiences and difficult experiences, but we have the best band members and the best staff in the world, and we have the best fans in the world, who create the best space with the best smiles. I hope we can see even more beautiful places together.”

Bassist Tomomi said:

“I’m really happy. I’m sure there are times when we’ve made you lonely. But we’ve become the best band in the world, and you’ve become the best fans in the world. Let’s all walk with pride.”

Drummer Rina said:

“I’m so full of emotion I can’t even put it into words. I’m 32 now. We’ve been together for so long, but our first “Number One” wasn’t that we beat someone else, but that the four of us were together, and that makes me so happy. Thanks for letting us be on stage as Scandal.”

And finally, Mami, the second guitarist, said:

“We earned this record together, and as a member of Scandal, I feel so touched by all of the fans who have been close by our side all this time.”

In celebration, the band has released a special limited-edition T-shirt showcasing Scandal’s 17-year anniversary and Guinness win, which is available for sale on their Rooftop Online Store for 4,400 yen (US$30) until August 31.

▼ The four members at the conclusion of their latest tour, Scandal Tour 2023 “Unlimited Utopia”

With such a landmark record achieved, Scandal is showing no signs of stopping in the near future, with their most recent single, Line of Sight, out as of May, and their next single, Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto (“Us, Always in the Highlight”), which they performed at their anniversary concert, scheduled for release on October 4. If you’re looking to witness why they’re the longest-lasting female rock group in history, you can see them live at one of their numerous upcoming performances, including the Kakogawa Music Festival in Hyogo on September 24.

Source: Nitele News via Livedoor news via Otacom, SCANDAL Official Site, Guinness World Records
Top image: Guinness World Records

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