Do you need some extra hop in your step to make the week go by faster? Then maybe one of these ‘dances’ can help!

Celeste Chen is a 24-year-old lifestyle blogger who also runs a successful YouTube channel. Although her video Different types of dancers in Singapore clubs was originally posted on YouTube back in April 2013, it was just featured on a Japanese website a few days ago and is rapidly gaining popularity in Japan. In the video, Celeste has compiled a humorous list of dancers commonly spotted in Singapore clubs…though the way we see it, they could apply to clubs anywhere in the world. Which of the dancers tickles your funny bone the most?

Let’s cut to the chase and get right to the good stuff! Here’s Celeste’s video, which is infectiously fun and promises to inject some excitement into your otherwise monotonous day. Enjoy!

▼Different types of dancers in Singapore clubs

If you’re not able to access the video at the moment, we’ve compiled the below list of all the types of dancers featured in the clip. The 10 dancers highlighted in bold were featured on Japanese website CuRAZY, along with their Japanese names as rendered by the site (some of the translations were done a bit too literally for comic effect). We’ve also included screenshots from some of our personal favorites.

The Fist Pump (ザ・こぶしの突き上げ)

The Jumping Fist Pump (ザ・ジャンプ中に、こぶしの突き上げ)

The Side to Side Body Wave

▼The Hair Molester (ザ・髪の毛痴漢 [直訳/literal translation])


The Boob Pumping (ザ・おっぱいポンピング!)

The Worm

The Bottle Dancer

The Drunk Bottle Dancer

Off Beat Dancer

▼The Armpit Show off (ザ・わきの下ショー)


The Swing

The Car Wash (ザ・洗車)

▼The Double Hand Car Wash (ザ・ダブルハンド洗車)


The Finger Pointer Dance

The Clumsy


The Slut Hip Dance (ザ・だらしなお尻ダンス)

The Awkward

Come To Me Dance (ザ・こっちにきなさいダンス)

The Over-Dramatic


The Hands up, Hands Down

The Limbo Rock

The Ahbeng

The Fail Tecktonik

The Self Molester (ザ・痴漢マイセルフ)

The “I Know Everyone” Dancer


And last but not least, The Ultimate FAILURE.

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Have you spotted any of these dancers at the clubs in your neck of the woods? Hopefully “The Ultimate FAILURE” wasn’t one of them!

You can follow Celeste at any of her social media sites below. Happy dancing, everyone!

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Sources: YouTube, CuRAZY
Images: YouTube 1, 2