Japanese partier misses the lights and music of clubs, makes their own in their washing machine

Things are getting desperate for Japanese citizens stuck at home.

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App lets you dance til you drop in Tokyo, with unlimited access to nightclubs for a flat rate

The self-proclaimed “Netflix of nightclubs” lets you enjoy Tokyo’s nightlife for a great price.

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Blogger’s silly video of types of dancers at Singapore clubs is trending in Japan

Do you need some extra hop in your step to make the week go by faster? Then maybe one of these ‘dances’ can help!

Celeste Chen is a 24-year-old lifestyle blogger who also runs a successful YouTube channel. Although her video Different types of dancers in Singapore clubs was originally posted on YouTube back in April 2013, it was just featured on a Japanese website a few days ago and is rapidly gaining popularity in Japan. In the video, Celeste has compiled a humorous list of dancers commonly spotted in Singapore clubs…though the way we see it, they could apply to clubs anywhere in the world. Which of the dancers tickles your funny bone the most?

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