There are dozens of matchmaking websites and mobile apps these days that help bring people together. Which means you don’t even have to step out of the house to meet someone new, all you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s easy to hide behind an online profile, but in order to take a budding cyber romance to the next level, you’ll eventually need the guts and sincerity to meet your love interest in real life.

Instead of relying on matchmaking services, this Singaporean guy mustered all the courage in him and conveyed his sincerity in a YouTube video he made in an attempt to find himself a girlfriend, winning praise from YouTube viewers and local citizens. Check out the date plan he has for his potential girlfriend after the jump!

The love seeker introduces himself as Terry Chia, a 24-year-old Singaporean. He’s looking for a potential girlfriend, and doesn’t mind what race or religion, or how old she is, as long as she is someone who is willing to be there for him even through hard times. He describes himself as a “potentially good boyfriend” as he is very caring, encouraging and supportive, and doesn’t appear to be reluctant about spending time and effort on his potential girlfriend.

▼ This is Terry.
▼ Oppa Terry style?



Terry mentions that he wishes to get attached by Christmas this year, and describes his dream date as a “one-day outing at Sentosa”. Being one of the major tourist attractions of Singapore, the island resort, Sentosa, is a one-stop leisure destination popular among tourists and locals alike.

▼ Sentosa is where you can find the biggest Merlion statue in Singapore, Universal Studios Singapore, and the world’s largest aquarium, among a wide range of other attractions, food and beverage establishments, hotels and resorts.

▼ “I’m looking for a Girlfriend!”

Although Terry appeared to be nervous in front of the camera, his sincere call out received many encouraging comments from YouTube viewers, most of them commending him for his guts and sincerity. His unusual approach to seeking love even attracted the attention of the local media.

Terry uploaded a second video a couple of days later in response to the feedback he has received and performing a short dance routine to thank his viewers for their comments and support.

▼ Watch Terry work his moves!

I’m not sure if YouTube is the best platform to find love, but as Terry mentioned, if you never try, you’ll never know. Taking the initiative to put yourself out there is definitely more effective than sitting around moping about not having a girlfriend, if you ask me. So, as a fellow Singaporean, this doubles up as my humble effort in helping this young man get his message out there.

If you have any suggestions or advice for Terry, or just feel like giving him an encouraging cyber fist bump for his attempt at finding love, head over to his YouTube video, Facebook or Instagram and drop him a line!

Source: YouTube
Images: YouTube, Terry Chia on Facebook, Wendy Tour