Guess which one was it?

Ever since our Japanese-language reporter Go Hattori discovered that he could transform himself with just a trip to Daiso, the 100-yen chain store, he has been making regular trips to the shop to check for new products.

One fine day, Go’s patrol around Daiso brought him to the men’s underwear aisle, where he spotted three different types of briefs in prices of 100 yen (US$0.89), 200 yen, and 250 yen. Figuring that more expensive wear would boast a higher quality, he bought one from each to see if this was indeed true.

▼ The medium-sized 100-yen boxer briefs.

Go was not familiar with the Rosso Bianco brand, but it sure sounded cool, like the Japanese nickname of American professional wrestler Terry Funk (Texas Bronco).

▼ Made from 95-percent polyester and five-percent polyurethane.

Although the bulge pouch in which to store his genitalia looked a little small, he slipped it on but instantly regretted it.

▼ “That’s… way too snug.”

▼ It was so low and tight that the rear waistband threatened
to reveal his buns should he lean forward.

The 100-yen briefs were snug to the point of being uncomfortable, particularly in the frontal pouch region. Recommended only for people of smaller builds or for desperate situations.

▼ Next up was the 250-yen boxer trunks.
“What striking colors,” he mused.

The most expensive out of the three turned out to be just like normal boxer briefs that one could find in departmental stores, except much cheaper.

▼ Made from 65-percent polyester, 30-percent cotton and five-percent polyurethane.

▼ But when he wore it, the briefs’ design somehow accentuated his curves

▼ …making his bulge bulge even more!

The material felt great on his skin, which he thought was a very important factor for everyday wear. Nevertheless, it was still a little too tight for his tastes.

▼ He would choose this over the 100-yen one for its texture and.. .other enhancements.

▼ And finally, it was time for the 200-yen boxer shorts
made from 92-percent nylon and eight-percent polyurethane.

▼ The packaging clearly stated that it was men’s underwear…

▼ …but it made Go look like he was wearing women’s high-waisted panties.

▼ “What… what is this!?” exclaimed a bewildered Go as he twirled around like a ballerina.

▼ “This feels strangely calming.”

▼ He struck a “Giant Hattori” pose and paid homage
to one of the greatest professional wrestlers in Japan…

▼ …Giant Baba, who co-founded the All Japan Pro Wrestling association.

▼ “I look like a sushi roll. A comfortable sushi roll.”

Despite the waist portion being too high, it felt the most cozy out of them all. Perhaps it was specially treated for extra comfort, but Go suspected the secret lay in being wrapped up in warm fabric like a swaddled baby. Although he would not wear this out in public, he would keep it at home for the days when he has trouble sleeping. It was definitely one of the best 200-yen products he has bought.

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