Totoro Top

The rotund character from Studio Ghibli inspires us all with his adorable “Totorobics” workout.

Out of all the loveable characters created by animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli, it’s the large forest-dwelling grey-and-white Totoro from the film My Neighbour Totoro that continues to be one of the most beloved. Charming audiences with his cat-like face and plump white belly, Totoro has inspired a large number of unique creations, from striking watercolour prints and detailed papercut artworks to amazing artisan bread loaves. Now CL Terry, a talented Australian animator, is bringing the world a series of GIFs featuring the cute character, showing him working out and getting into shape in a number of adorable scenarios.

▼ Totoro can be seen jumping rope…

▼ …going for a brisk walk…

▼ …and even breaking into an adorable run.

The sweet character also reveals his remarkable flexibility while holding an impressive yoga pose.

His cute “Totorobics” workout is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face!

If all aerobics instructors looked like this, we’d have no trouble going to the gym every day!

To see more of the animator’s cute works, including a juggling Totoro, be sure to stop by CL Terry’s website or follow her on Tumblr or Facebook. With the artist currently undertaking a challenge to create a new GIF every day for 100 days, there are sure to be plenty of cute daily updates!

Source: Tumblr/CL TERRY h/t Design Taxi
Top Image: Tumblr/CL TERRY
Insert Images: Tumblr/CL TERRY