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This fried-chicken-on-fried-chicken-on-fried-chicken extravaganza isn’t exactly a burger, but we’re certainly not complaining.

As a global franchise, KFC is keen to adapt its menu every now and then with local limited-edition specials, and over in South Korea, that means it’s time for the Zinger Triple Down to be released.

Having previously appeared on the menu at branches in Singapore, this is the first time for foodies in South Korea to get a taste of the Zinger Triple Down, and our reporter Soon Pyon’s was one of the locals to line up and try it as soon as it was released.

This evolved version of the Double Down, a burger that was available at a number of overseas branches, including Japan where it was sold as “The Double“, is made up of three Zinger fillets, with a chicken breast sandwiched between two chicken thighs and finished with a spicy sauce.

▼ Sold as a single item, the Zinger Triple Down is confusingly served in packaging emblazoned with the words “Double Down Max”

Figuring this was perhaps a case of the chain using up extra stock of packaging from the Double Downs, Soon Pyon’s pushed that mystery to the side because there was a much bigger distraction peering at him from inside the bag.

Lifting the bag like a packet of French fries, Soon Pyon’s began salivating at the sight of so much fried chicken.

Tearing the bag open, he was surprised to see the clump of fried chicken pieces actually held together, thanks to the sauce and cheese in between.

It definitely looked like a burger, but unlike the Double Down Soon Pyon’s ate previously, which had ham in between the chicken pieces, this one just has three pieces of chicken stacked on top of each other.

The only flavour accent here was a spicy “Scorcher Sauce” on the top layer and cheese and salsa sauce on the bottom layer.

Soon Pyon’s wasn’t sure how to best go about eating this mound of chicken, but in the end he decided to go full glutton by holding it in his hands and biting into it all at once.

▼ For reference, our reporter can easily hold a basketball in each hand, so these chicken pieces are definitely on the large side.

However, given that his mouth isn’t as big as his hands, Soon Pyon’s found it difficult to sink his teeth into all the layers, only managing to taste the top two.

Pulling on the gloves he was given to keep his hands clean from all the juices, he went in for another go and this time he was more successful, demolishing all three layers in one bite.

It provided his taste buds with a delicious explosion of fried chicken that was spicy, flavourful, and three times better than eating a single piece of chicken.

The different types of chicken pieces made for a fun texture, while the spicy sauces managed to lift the flavour profile, making it seem lighter and less greasy than usual.

Sure, it might not technically be a burger in the true sense of the word, but in the end, Soon Pyon’s didn’t find himself missing the buns, as the triple-down serving of chicken left him feeling incredibly satisfied.

Priced at 9,900 won (990 yen [US$7.52]), it’s not exactly a cheap eat, but it’s definitely worth the indulgence, much like the KFC Otaku Burger we tried in Spain last year!

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