Normally, Shinkiba 1stRING features the physical feats of Japan’s pro-wrestling circuit. The ring is always packed with wrestling fans whenever there is an event, but what happens when there is no wrestling? Partying, obviously! On August 9, with the looming threat of Typhoon 11, people gathered for a one-of-a-kind party in Japan, possibly the first of its kind: a music festival that mixes bumping beats with…clear lube?!?

For some of you readers, this kind of party is second nature to you. However, Japan’s sense of play hasn’t quite evolved to Western standards yet. So when the organizers decided to host Lotion Fes, a lotion X music festival in Shinkiba, they weren’t quite sure if it was going to be a success or not.

▼Girls in bikinis added to the success.



▼Men in weird, plastic wrap space suits…as expected.


What is a Lotion Fes anyway? Well, as we said before, there is music, in this case electronica and DJs, and lotion. The word lotion might be a bit of a misnomer, though, this isn’t quite lotion per say, it’s more like clear lubricant. You might know it by the brand name…KY Jelly. However, this festival wasn’t an event to promote a specific brand of clear lotion. Organizers were hoping to capture the looseness and fun feeling of not quite having a grip on things!



Since this was the first time this event was held in Japan, a writer from our sister site Pouch made her way to the event to experience the motion of the lotion!


According to the event organizers, Hi INC, there were approximately 330 people who participated; numbers that far exceeded their expectations! Although the male to female ratio was skewed in favor of the males, everyone seemed to be having a great time! Those who were trying to dance and groove to the music, soon found themselves on the slippery floor. Subsequent attempts to get back up to jive with the beat were fairly futile and it was easier to just pop and lock on the floor.

▼The party is always started with a dazzling disco ball!




The slippery, slimy goo gave the entire event a very playful attitude, and everyone was encouraged to have fun with lotion by people on stage spraying everyone down with it. There wasn’t a person in the venue who wasn’t covered head to toe with the stuff.




No festival in Japan is complete without some alcohol, and this Lotion Fes didn’t disappoint. Vendors offered unsubtle choices like slimy chuhai (carbonated flavor drink with shochu or vodka) and slippery high ball. What makes the particular drinks slimy and slippery wasn’t quite clear.

▼Some of the slippery drinks might have had the clear lotion added to the drink itself! Drinks aren’t food…right?


From the looks of all the pictures, it seems like everyone had a wonderful time. Most of the lubed-up attendees clearly stated they wanted to attend another event like this again, and that they would definitely be bringing their friends. With positive reactions like that, organizers confirmed that another dance party like this would be slip-sliding onto our calendars soon!






Images: RocketNews24
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