The photo above is the popular sightseeing destination of Kegon Falls in Nikko. At 97 meters high (318 ft), it is one of the three highest falls in Japan and also one of the so-called “Eight Views”, said to exemplify Japan and its culture. But the photo above is Kegon on a normal day.

With Japan recently taking a beating and a whole lotta rain from the slow-moving Typhoon Halong, Kegon looks a little different now.

According to the Nikko Natural Science Museum, about ten times the normal amount of water is passing through the falls right now, or about 30 tons every second!

They posted this photo on their Twitter feed to prove their point.


Here are a few other angles:



With all that spray, it looks like a great place to beat the heat that has followed in Halong’s wake, but… does anybody else suddenly have to pee?

Source: Netorabo
Images: Jordy Meow, Nikko Natural Science Museum, @sundayonion