dress code

Bloody, ridiculous high-heel requirement for Japanese women at work sparks online movement

Women in Japan are often required to wear heels for job hunting and office work, but the #KuToo movement wants to squash that part of the dress code.

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Japanese schoolgirl points out an especially dumb part of her school’s “no tights” dress code

The rule is supposed to be for everybody, but it’s really only the girls who have to follow it.

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Japanese firefighters now allowed to enter convenience stores while wearing their uniforms

Easing of uniform rules is a welcome change for heroic rescuers who put their lives on the line.

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Japanese high school teachers forcibly cut off hair that was “too long” from 44 students

Because nothing promotes a healthy learning environment like traumatizing students with scissors in front of their peers.

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Manga’s touching take on pressuring non-black-haired kids to dye hair in some Japanese schools

Even if no one’s a straight-up villain, life can still give you a chance to be a hero.

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Former AKB48 member speaks out against Osaka school that forced its student to dye her hair

Sayaka Akimoto recounts similar pressures she faced herself in school.

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Naturally brown-haired Osaka student sues government for forcing her to dye her hair black

Teachers felt student was disruptive to education with her wild brown hair.

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Students confused over Japanese school banning ponytails for “conjuring lustful feelings”

Students across Japan kindly ask any teacher who suggests this rule be looked into.

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Turns out women STILL don’t want to see men’s nipples through their shirt

Eighty-four percent, apparently, is the magic number. And there I was thinking it was three all this time.

When we brought you the news last year that 84 percent of Japanese women said that not wearing an undershirt to work was “totally gross and, like, we can see your nipples, ewwwwww…”, little did we expect that some eighteen months later, a completely separate survey – this time with seven times as many participants – would not only confirm a general freaking-out about male summer nipple protrusion, but also come up with – get this – exactly the same number of non-nipple-showage fans: 84 percent.

This time, though, there’s a but. We should’ve known! There’s always a but.

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