Pec-tastic cosplayer recounts uncomfortable experience with female admirer.

Most cosplay experts put the majority of their time into their costume and makeup, but it’s the chest that’s the key to success for cosplayer and Twitter user @JPparkGuardian. That piece of information might have you thinking that @JPparkGuardian is a busomy young cosplay lady, but he’s actually an extremely muscular man with an upper body that’s more evocative of beef than milk.

@JPparkGuardian’s pecs are so powerful that he doesn’t even need to show his face, or even wear much of a costume, as shown in his very unique gender-swapped take on Kemono Friends’ serval girl Serval-chan, for which he just sticks a paper cut-out of the character’s face over his own.

▼ Once again establishing the connection between Kemono Friends and human chests.

He also occasionally does Jojos Bizarre Adventure cosplay, at least below the waist.

As his constantly shirtless state attests, @JPparkGuardian is often more comfortable showing his nipples than his face. Still, that shouldn’t be taken as an open invitation for fans to turn them into their personal playthings, as he reminded everyone in a series of tweets recounting why he recently soft blocked one of his Twitter followers.

“I usually don’t soft block people on Twitter, but yesterday I took part in a cosplay event. Afterwards, I was talking with a woman I’d never met before, and she said ‘Please let me touch your chest muscles,’ so I let her.

While she was touching them, she started searching around with her fingertips, and then she started playing with my nipples. ‘Stop it’ I cautioned her while laughing, but she kept on bellowing with laughter.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, that’s being too disrespectful, and so I’ve cut off all contact with her.”

Even though he laughed as he told the woman to stop, his eventual reaction shows that @JPparkGuardian’s laughter wasn’t coming from genuine amusement, but from ticklishness or nervousness instead. He found the woman’s behavior especially puzzling, given some of the things she’d said prior to playing with his nipples.

“She’d been talking about how she didn’t like that some male photographers and male cosplayers had stalked or sexually harassed her, but what did she think she was doing [to me]?”

Magnanimously, @JPparkGuardian is still trying to give the woman some measure of the benefit of the doubt, which is why he doesn’t mention her by name, so as not to tarnish her reputation among his other followers. “Still, I want her to realize that what she did was out of line,” he tweets, while adding that the experience has soured him on attending cosplay events dedicated to mobile game Fate/Grand Order, like the one in which the woman played with his nipples at.

Source: Twitter/@JpparkGuardian via Jin
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Casey would also like to request that you refrain from playing with his nipples, even if you do choose to follow him on Twitter.