Is this the best-looking guy in the Philippines? You might think he’s an actor from some detective drama, but he’s actually a real life cop, and now also a male beauty pageant participant. The muscular man in uniform (and often out of it) has captured hearts across the Philippines and is currently enjoying a burst of celebrity, although he swears show business isn’t for him.

Mariano Flormata, Jr. is a police officer with the Philippine National Police (PNP). He currently works with the Aviation Security group, is a trained expert in bomb disposal and aircraft anti-hijacking, and has earned 13 medals during his 6 years of service.

And he’s also damn gorgeous.


Although his true calling is being a cop, with his chiseled features and banging body he’s often been told that he should give show business a go. Admitting to being interested in modeling, he’s finally given in and entered the Misters of the Philippines 2014 male pageant. He still intends to carry on being a policeman, which he says is his childhood dream, and to him the contest is more about spreading the word about health and fitness and showing that he is capable of things other than being a cop, rather than being the start of a glitzy new career. The PNP are fine with him entering the contest so long as it doesn’t interfere with his duties as a policeman, and his superior has even given him his support and encouragement.

It’s his first time competing in such a contest, but he’s easily made it to the 20 finalists, under the stage name Neil Perez.

The finals will be held on September 7 at the Grand Theater of the University of Makati. Winners will be decided for four titles: Mister International Philippines, Mister Model International Philippines, Mister Tourism International Philippines, and Mister Global Philippines. Those who take the top spots will then go on to represent the Philippines in male beauty pageants internationally.

Do you think he’ll win? You can check out his competition here at the Mister of the Philippines official website. We’re cheering for you, Mr. Officer!

▼ His smile is always camera-ready.


▼ “Oh hi, I didn’t see you there.”


▼ Rocking a relaxed, casual look.


▼ And the shirt’s gone again. Not that we’re complaining.


▼ Check out the video for a clip of a press conference with Flormata in his uniform.

Source: Kicker Daily News
Images: Neil Perez for Mister Philippines 2014 Facebook Page