Now that Halloween is over, and without Thanksgiving being celebrated in Japan, shops here are already getting ready to bring in the Christmas season in earnest. Yes, that means the lights, the ornaments, winter landscape displays … the works.

And of course, there are the holiday sweets to look forward to. In that department, you can certainly have your pick of expertly created luxury cakes from celebrity pastry chefs, but for more casual occasions, Mister Donut Japan is offering a selection of beautiful Christmas cupcakes and doughnuts that promise to be just as delightful. Let’s see their newest line of treats that look festive enough to be displayed under a Christmas tree!

To our delight, Mister Donut is releasing two types of Christmas sweets — cupcakes and Pon de Ring doughnuts —  in three flavors each. And from the way they look, we wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to try them all!

The cupcakes are a relatively new item on the menu at Mister Donut but seem to have been fairly well-received by customers so far judging from the response on the Internet, and now there will be three new special flavors introduced for the Holiday Season: “Strawberry”, “Green Tea” and “White”, all priced at 194 yen (US$1.73).

▼The “Strawberry” flavor has a standard cupcake base and is topped with swirls of strawberry cream on which silver sprinkles and a chocolate star have been carefully placed.

sub1 ▼This is the “Green Tea” cupcake, also with a standard cake base, is decorated with a bittersweet matcha green tea cream, again topped with silver  sprinkles and a chocolate star.

sub2 ▼The “White” flavor is made from a chocolate cake base, with a beautiful snow-white whipped cream on top, also decorated with silver sprinkles and a chocolate star.


The popular light and chewy Pon de Ring doughnuts have also been transformed into three Christmas flavors — “Chocolate”, “Strawberry” and “White Chocolate” — which they’re calling “Pon de Wreaths”, all priced at 151 yen (US$1.34).

▼From left to right, the “Chocolate“, “Strawberry” and “White Chocolate” Pon de Wreath doughnuts, which are covered in regular, strawberry and white chocolate respectively, and decorated with lines of white or regular chocolate and pastel-colored sprinkles.sub5

Both the Christmas cupcakes and doughnuts will be sold from November 11 to December 25, and special gift sets that offer thees seasonal treats together with adorable character goods will also become available starting November 26.

▼The “Otona Kawaii (adult cute) Miracle Set” will get you one cupcake of your choice along with a sheet of stickers, mug and small mascot teddy bear for 1,080 yen. The pink bear is the mascot character for Mister Donut’s cupcakes and we think he does a pretty good job of capturing our hearts, if the cupcakes haven’t already.


▼There’s also the “Misdo Rilakkuma Set“, a collaboration between Mister Donut and the popular bear character Rilakkuma, which includes your choice of either three cupcakes or two cupcakes plus one Pon de Wreath, along with also your choice of  a pair of Rilakkuma bowls or a Rilakkuma plate. This set too is priced at 1,080 yen.


The seasonal items all look divinely tempting, don’t they? It’s not surprising that Japanese Twitter users have responded with positive comments such as: “I want to eat them ALL!“, “Someone come to Mister Donut with me!” and “Sooo cute!

And to further add to the festive Holiday mood, Mister Donut will also be transforming eight select shops into special “Otona Kawaii (adult cute) Misdo” shops as part of a promotional event on November 10, the day before the Christmas items come on sale. They’ll be giving out the Holiday cupcakes at the eight shops as a kind of early Christmas present to 30 people each at three different times during that day. We expect the competition for the cupcakes to be fierce, but right now, we have to say we’re seriously thinking about being there for the event and trying our luck to see if we can get our hands on the cupcakes.

▼Here’s an example of what the eight “Otona Kawaii Misdo” shops might look like for the promotion.店舗_0822

So, already it looks like we have at least one sweet reason to look forward to the Holiday Season! Thank you for the colorful treats, Mister Donut, because they’re certainly a pleasure to look at, and heaven knows the world needs all the sweetness it can get!

Source and photos: PR TIMES (Japanese)
Original article by: Anji Tabata(c)Pouch
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