He’s like a pretty boy manga come to life.

Every year, fashion magazine Junon holds the Junon Super Boy Contest. Boys aged 13 to 22 throughout Japan can enter to compete to win awards that could jump start the winner’s entertainment career.

This year marked the 31st Junon Super Boy Contest. Thirteen finalists were selected from 16,923 applicants to compete in the Grand Prix, and one contestant in particular stood out to the Internet — or made them do a double-take.

▼ “I’m a boy.

His name is Baku Idegami, a 15-year-old boy from Shimane Prefecture in Japan. He’s gotten a lot of attention because of his stunning and decidedly feminine looks and style.

This is particularly relevant since, while there are some contests for feminine-looking boys in Japan, Junon Boys are usually judged by typical male beauty standards.

▼ You can see Baku here in the upper right,
looking quite different than the other finalists.

Baku is an avid Twitter user, and he regularly posts selfies that showcase his adorable style. Even his Twitter profile reads: “A boy more feminine than the average first year high school girl. Winner of the DD Self Propose prize.

▼ This is what he looks like without his hair styled.

Unfortunately, Baku has received some negative feedback as well, mainly in regards to him “pretending” to be a girl. Baku addressed this in a pinned Tweet on his Twitter account.

“Living as yourself is very, very, very, very important.
Please listen to what I have to say.” (Summary below)

In the tweet, Baku describes how he always preferred playing with dolls over playing soccer until someone at school called him “creepy” for doing so. He tried to fit in with other boys, but he found it dull and extremely painful pretending to be like them

One day, his mother told him, “You’re fine just the way you are, Baku.” Ever since that day, he decided to act more like himself, which included changing his way of dressing, speaking, and acting. He hopes to become a beautician in the future.

▼ You go, Baku!

Reactions from netizens range from enamored to stunned.

“He’s cuter than most girls.”
“Yup, no matter how you look at him, he definitely looks like a girl.”
“This kind of beautiful boy is a momentary sparkle, so he’s very precious.”

In the end, Baku was not chosen as the winner of the Junon Super Boy Contest Grand Prix, but he did gain some fame that will surely aid him in his future endeavors. And depending on the paths he chooses, perhaps his way of styling and dressing may end up making make him a better partner down the road!

Sources: JIN, Junon, Twitter/@i_baku2020
Featured image: Twitter/@i_baku2020